Suni Lee on Describing Beauty & The Products She Uses to Get an Olympian-Level Look

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While you turn out to be an Olympian, each person wants to understand the whole lot approximately your existence and the whole lot about you. How does it experience? Who helped you get there? What’s next? Those are all legitimate and commonplace questions for the common Joe. But, I couldn’t help however consider how there are such a lot of other matters I’d love to know approximately such athletes.

Due to the fact I cowl a ton of buzzy beauty merchandise, I evidently want to listen approximately which ones Olympians can’t live without and the way they perceive beauty. That is especially relevant, due to the fact that professional athletes aren’t continually tapped on with the aid of big splendor brands or included within the broader dialogue on the subject. They should, but, be more included, because athletes have a completely unique lifestyle and one-of-a-kind views that such a lot of people look up to.

This prompted me to reach out to an Olympian gymnast who I admire deeply. Some might say she’s up-and-coming, but I say she’s on top of the world right now. Suni Lee has accomplished far more than most normal 18-year-olds. Not only did she compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she brought home a gold medal for Team USA. And not only only did she win the highest honor there is in her sport, she swiftly stole the hearts of literally everyone.

Public figures and celebrities are one thing in front of the cameras, but I can wholeheartedly say that Suni Lee is everything she puts herself out to be and then some. She has a lot—I mean, a lot—of wisdom to share with the rest of the world, and I’m beyond thrilled to have gotten the chance to speak with her.

Read on for Suni’s thoughtful outlook on beauty, being an athlete and the connection between the two, as well as her ride-or-die products. She swears by everything from an Urban Decay setting spray to ensure her competition makeup looks don’t budge, to a Got2b spray wax for making her hair stay in place through flips, tricks and flying through the air.

How would you define beauty and how have your perceptions of beauty evolved over the years?
“I think kindness is beauty,” says Suni. “I think putting good, positive energy out is beauty.” This might not have been the response you expected (same), but it sure is refreshing to hear. The Olympian gymnast explained to StyleCaster that someone’s physical appearance is actually the least interesting part about them. Instead, “It is all about things that make you feel confident and happy in your skin.”

As for shifts in the beauty industry, Suni says she has noticed increased representation over the past few years, but still notes even more opportunities to do better and make everyone feel seen.

What do you wish more people knew about ideas of beauty and being an athlete?
“I think people feel more open to criticize or comment on my appearance as an athlete, especially on social media,” she says. “I wish more people understood that athletes are human, too, and have insecurities just like everyone else.”

It’s true, putting yourself out into the world opens up a channel for people to criticize—and do so very publicly—via the media and social media. It’s a shame, though, because hateful remarks can cut deep. And when being the best version of yourself both physically and mentally is literally your full-time job, that negative energy can leave an impact.

How have you dealt with beauty standards and what message would you convey to other young people who might feel the same way?
“I still deal with the pressure of beauty standards, and I don’t think that will go away, but I hope to be the positive role model young Asian girls can see on television or social media and think, ‘Wow, she looks like me!’” Suni says she didn’t have role models who looked like her when she was growing up, which is why she now wants to be that spark of inspiration for others. As a young Asian-American female myself, all of these words really hit home for me.

To all the young people out there, she advises them to stay true to themselves and do whatever makes them feel happy and beautiful, and to not let other people’s opinions stand in their way of achieving that. Suni also wants to remind people that “there is so much that goes into getting someone ready for a big magazine shoot or red carpet event, and for people not to hold themselves to those unattainable standards.”

I don’t know about you, but my whole outlook on being an athlete and the beauty standards that come with it has been forever changed by chatting with a real Olympian. Suni might be just 18 years old, but she is truly a champion in all respects and we have so much to learn from her.

So, what’s left to hear about? Her beauty essentials, of course. Below, discover the makeup, skincare and hair products that are Suni’s secrets to getting glammed up for the Olympics.

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