Tiger Woods congratulated Justin Thomas

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On the Southern Hills CC route (par 70), wherein Tiger Woods gained for the fourth and ultimate time 15 years in the past, what “The big Cat” considers as “the brother I in no way had to triumph” ”

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The 104th version of the PGA Championship, a sign of future, did now not smile at Woods – pressured to retire on the give up of the third round because of “an excessive amount of ache” in his right leg, the one operated on in February 2021 after the extreme vehicle accident in la – however to his unswerving Thomas.

And Woods was among the first to compliment the 29-year-old from Louisville. “Big congratulations to you for believing in it until the last”, the tweet reserved by the Californian to Thomas. The joy, the emotion of “JT”, in the post-victory interview recorded by Sky Sport, is evident: “It is a truly special victory.

Every time you win it’s great, but succeeding in so many different ways is incredible, it makes you learn so many new things ”. Seventh at the end of the third round, Thomas managed to recover thanks to a last round of 67 strokes, the best score of the day: “I fought hard all day.

Tiger Woods

I seemed out of the competition, then I came back. This path is very hard, winning tournaments is very hard, winning Major is very hard, it took a lot of patience ” “When I found myself in the playoffs – continued the winner – I felt it was time to give it all.

I’ve never looked at the rankings all day, Bones (Jim Mackay, his caddy) was extraordinary in keeping me focused on the game. ” After receiving the trophy, Justin Thomas said a sentence that has already been around the world and that is destined to remain in the annals of this game: “It’s funny, a few days ago they asked me ‘What advantage can be considered safe? ‘and I said’ No advantage! ‘”

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