‘Hope Every American Gets Access’– Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Continues His Relentless Fight for ‘Paid Family Leave’

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Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian have in no way subsidized far from voicing their critiques regarding social issues. Specifically, Alexis Ohanian acknowledges the significance of spending time with their kid, Olympia Ohanian.

Furthermore, Ohanian makes sure to let the world understand the role of fathers, as he, recently, stressed the importance of family paid leave.

Alexis Ohanian took to Twitter to share his interview with Esquire. He talked about the importance of fathers in shaping the lives of their kids. He shared the tweet and stated, “I’m grateful for every chance I get to normalize #BusinessDad life and I hope every American gets access to #PaidFamilyLeave and every dad in particular has the confidence to take advantage of it.”

How did Serena Williams make Ohanian realize the importance of spending time with family?
In the interview, he talked about the complications during Serena Williams’ process of childbirth. This made him realize that Serena Williams and their newborn needed his presence more than at work.


He said, “The switch flipped in 2017, when Serena had a difficult childbirth with life-threatening complications. There was no way I would want anyone to go through something like that and think, Do I stay here with my wife and newborn or do I go back to work?”

Developing an unshakeable bond with his daughter
He understood the importance of being present for them. Therefore, at Reddit too, he made sure that fathers also got paid family leave. Serena’s husband said, “It undoubtedly created strong bonds with not just my daughter, but with my wife. Me being able to rise to that occasion-changing diapers, feeding, cleaning, because paid leave was an option for me at Reddit, where I was the executive chairman at the time-meant a better health outcome for Serena and our daughter.”

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