Draymond Green Reveals Untold LeBron James Story Draymond has had some great battles with LeBron

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Commercial enterprise partners off the court docket, LeBron James and Draymond green have became their contention into a friendship. The warriors and Cavaliers confronted off each 12 months within the NBA Finals from 2015-2018, with of direction Draymond and LeBron being on opposing groups for those battles. While their rivalry became seemingly one of the extra contentious within the league during those years, the energy has due to the fact shifted. That said, there are nonetheless a few untold tales about the peak in their rivalry, and Draymond these days shared one of those.

When asked about some of his trash talk to Grant Williams, that referenced an answer Williams gave about his personal Draymond Green fandom, Draymond told the story of a similar situation he had with LeBron James.

“LeBron James, when I was wearing LeBron James sneakers in my first 1, 2, 3 years and playing against him, he didn’t throw it in my face like, dude you got on my sneakers. Because it’s just not something you do. But once he start going at me, and it got chippy… then you just go wherever you gotta go.”

Draymond seemed to indicate that LeBron never threw it in Draymond’s face that he was wearing LeBron’s sneakers, until the two got chippy with one another, making the remark fair game. The story from Draymond was to provide context into his exchange with Grant Williams, where Draymond said, “You’re not me, you want to be me.” This trash talk from Draymond came after Williams said he grew up a fan of Green, even bragging to his friends at school following Golden State’s 2015 title.

LeBron James

As Draymond also mentioned, he didn’t break out that trash talk against Williams in Game 1, since Williams himself wasn’t talking trash; however, much like the LeBron James story Draymond shared, the veteran forward felt it was fair game once Williams engaged in some trash talk of his own.

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