Here’s what Serena Williams does to stay fit

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Serena Williams can easily be called one of the greatest Tennis players of all time.
The insanely talented player is known for her skilled performances every time she hits the court.
All this does not happen easily and requires immense hard work.
Here is a peek into her diet plan and fitness routine, which keeps her going.
Here is what our expert says
Serena Williams has a tall muscular physique, which is a combination of good genes and a great work ethic.
She takes a well-balanced diet and is very regular with her workout regime which consists of a mix of cardio, exercises that focus on core muscles, and strength and conditioning for the limbs.
She continued the routine through pregnancy to win her 7th Australian Open.

Staying healthy
Understanding the G.O.A.T’s fitness goals
Every body type and their livelihood demands a separate diet and exercise plan.
Williams is almost 180 centimeters tall and weighs an average of 70kg.
Unlike several other athletes, Serena Williams is not a fitness freak, but she works out to stay healthy and prevent injuries.
She is known to maintain a high metabolic rate to rid her body of excess fat.
Strength training
She does strength training and loves Zumba
Since the early 2000s, she has been working with trainer Mackie Shilstone.
She starts with a 10-minute warm-up with some form of cardio like running, swimming, or Zumba her personal favorite.
Then comes strength training exercises for arms, core, legs, etc.
Her pregnancy workout wasn’t too different. Depending on one’s muscle memory, women can work out during pregnancy but must consult a doctor first.


Developing abs
Serena Williams’s workout routine
She is particularly known for her perfect abs and booty. Her abs are considered one of the best among tennis players.
If you aim to develop abs like her, Shilstone recommends you perform planks with a row using a resistance band.
Quick 100-meter runs, TRX, medicine ball side planks, and medicine ball squats are also great for building a strong abdomen.
What Serena Williams’s diet plan looks like
She eats plant-based foods, like beans, legumes, veggies, fruit, nuts, and whole grains.
However, besides chia seeds and hemp, which are great sources of protein, she sometimes eats chicken.
For breakfast, she eats oats, strawberries, and almond butter, besides some supplements.
Williams eats a veg sandwich without cheese or a brown bread sandwich with nut butter for a mid-morning snack.

Pre-match carbs
Serena Williams’s pre-match diet
Her lunch consists of refreshing salads and lemon juice.
In the evenings, occasionally, she has grilled chicken with green tea or low-sugar lemonade.
For dinner, she usually eats brown rice, salad, and vegetables.
On nights prior to a match, she consumes a dinner loaded with carbs like pasta or rice.
She likes to have a healthy mix of all food groups before her match.

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