“Bunch of hypocrites denying entry to Novak and then this” – Read for more details

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“Bunch of hypocrites denying entry to Novak and then this” – Novak Djokovic fans angered by Australia allowing COVID-positive players to participate in T20 Cricket World Cup

With around three months remaining before the 2023 Australian Open, there’s still no clear decision on whether Novak Djokovic will be allowed to participate or not, though the chances are high that it will be good news for the Serb.

After multiple court hearings in January before the 2022 Australian Open, the 35-year-old was deported from the country due to his unvaccinated status against the coronavirus. A few days later, the tennis icon set the record straight that he would not get the jab even if it meant letting go of big tournaments and titles.

The 2022 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup kicked off yesterday in Australia and the final will be played on November 13 in Melbourne. One piece of news that has made tennis and particularly Djokovic’s fans angry is the ICC allowing cricketers to play even if they test positive for COVID.

In a recent report, it was made clear that there will be no mandatory testing and if a player is found infected with the virus, it will be up to the team’s doctor to decide whether to allow the player to continue or isolate him. Tennis fans took to Twitter to call out the authorities in the country for banning the World No. 7 earlier this year, suggesting that he is among the healthiest people in the world.

They also stated that it would be a joke if the Serb isn’t allowed to play the next edition of the Australian Open.

“This is happening in Australia. Tennis Australia and Australia as a country itself will be a big joke if they ban Djokovic from playing AO now. Seriously don’t understand how Australian people don’t see this BS. This just verifies that in 2022, he was deliberately thwarted,” a fan tweeted.

“As things stand today: An unvaccinated player can play AO. A covid positive player can play AO (allowed to play in T20 Cricket World Cup in Australia). The Czech tennis player who was banned for 3 years along with Djokovic can play AO. But the Serb cannot play AO,” a user posted.

“This is happening in Australia, right? It’ll make no sense if Novak is disallowed from playing at the AO,” another tweet read.

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