Tiger Woods’ Bittersweet Story About Getting His First Hole-in-One Will Never Get Old: ‘You Idiot, Your Golf Bag’s Up on the Tee’…Read for more details

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Tiger Woods has been playing professional golf since his days as a teenager. The golfer was the first one to win two PGA Tournaments before the age of 21. However, the story of him hitting his first hole-in-one will never get old for his fans to hear. And you won’t believe how young the golfer was at the time.

Tiger Woods shared the hilarious tale of his first hole-in-one

Golf legend Tiger Woods has won 15 major championships in his PGA Tour career. The golfer has made tons of other records at ages when people don’t even know how to hold a club. Similarly, there was a time when the golfer scored his first hole-in-one, and he was just 8 years old!

Surrounded by a crowd of a couple of hundred people, Woods once opened up about the time he chipped the ball right into the hole in one shot. “It was at Heartwell Golf Park in Long Beach, California,” the golfer said. “I was 8 years old. I hit it and I was too short to see it” Woods’ fans know that the first time he won a tournament in a country club, he was playing against everyone way older than him.

As the ball rolled into the hole, everyone around the golf star started celebrating, except for Woods himself. “So one of the guys pickles me up, shows me there’s no ball on the green,” Tiger Woods stated. The golf ace immediately ran to the hole and picked up the golf ball from the hole to celebrate.

The story of Tiger Woods’ first hole-in-one. #LiveUnderPar

— PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) April 20, 2018

However, he left his golf bag on the tee in excitement. “You idiot! Your golf bag’s up on the tee,” Woods recalled one of the guys telling him.

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