Tiger Woods confesses his hardships on a singular hole

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Next, the 15-time Major Championship winner was heard admitting his moments of struggle.

W: “The one time I had a hard time with was the one on the back nine, like the 12th hole? The uphill.”

M: “But then the green is sort of…” [makes hand motions that Woods understood].

W: “Uphill but altitude, you don’t know how far it can go.”

M: “I always think because I hit the ball quite high the uphills don’t play as long for me. They never have. You know?”

W: “Yup.”

If anything is to be derived, it looks like McIlroy just wanted to boast about his mastery at uphill courses. Didn’t he realize that the person on the other side of the conversation has the joint-highest wins on the PGA Tour?

Yet, the two remain good friends and have come together to fuel the PGA Tour’s acclaim by raising voices against the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Series. The pair also founded their own new series in collaboration with the PGA, which you can read about

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have shared a close friendship since the latter arrived on the PGA Tour in the early 2010s. The pair interact on a regular basis, be it on the golf course or over promotional shoots. The two chat quite a lot while walking between holes. A similar incident occurred at the MGM Resorts The Challenge: Japan Skins in 2019. A lot was talked about, and fortunately, the mics were in a position to capture the conversation.

The 2019 unofficial event was played at the Accordia Golf Narashino Country Club in Japan, which later hosted the first PGA Tour event in the country. The Japan Skins challenge was a made-for-television event, with participation restricted to only four superstar golfers.

Among those were victors of 19 Major Championships between them, namely Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. The two shared a walk together during the event, where they discussed the challenges of playing golf at a high altitude, which the latter declared was a cakewalk. Here’s every word of the conversation.

McIlroy: “I’ve always played well at altitude, like always… Switzerland, South Africa, there. I’ve have always played well.”

Woods: “Oh man, it’s just so complicated.”

McIlroy: “You’ve just got to trust it. It’s completely about trust.”

Woods: “I know. It’s just so hard though.”

McIlroy and Woods then had a lengthy conversation on a particular hole, which they found to be challenging.

M: “What’s that par three on the front nine that’s like 245? Is it like the seventh hole?”

W: “The one slightly uphill?”

M: “No, it’s downhill, over the water.”

W: “Oh that one. Exactly. With the tree?”

M: “Yeah, so you’re 245 and you’ve got seven iron in your hand. You’re like how? It’s so hard to trust it’s going to go that distance.”

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