Tiger Woods might retire for this reason

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Woods has been playing professional golf for many decades now and has made numerous records. However, his journey in the sport has seen many ups and downs as well. In fact, Woods’ story is a perfect example of what it takes to be a true champion. The golfer has been through a lot in his personal and professional life.

Losing his father while in his prime years in golf took a huge toll on Woods. And it was not long before he had to get divorced from his wife and face a never-ending controversy. But even after things got resolved in his personal life, Woods’ career never went as smoothly as it used to. The golfer had a horrific accident in February 2021 and almost lost his right leg to it. And ever since the tragedy, Woods has not been able to walk without a limp during any tournament that he played.

In an interview with 60 Minutes Australia, Woods revealed the one reason that could result in him quitting professional golf. The golfer said, “If I can give 100% and feel that my best is still good enough to win, then I’ll keep playing. If I know that I can’t put it together anymore…There’s no sense for me to get out there and embarrass myself anymore. I won’t do that.”

Is Woods going to retire soon?

After watching Woods struggling to walk during recent tournaments, fans started rumors about the golfer’s retirement. However, the PGA Tour star took no time to clear the air and denied any plans of retiring from the sport. In a post-game interview during the 150th Open, Woods said, “Who? Me, retire? No, no, no, no. I’m not retiring,…But not playing a full schedule, that’s just my reality.” Fans took a collective sigh of relief after finding out that there is still a lot of fight left inside the player. And looking at Woods’ perspective towards the game, he can’t give that easily.

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