READ: An ‘Untold’ Tiger Woods Story

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READ: An ‘Untold’ Tiger Woods Story With Plenty of Laughs and an Embarrassing Shank

The golf world is well aware of Tiger Woods’ great sense of humor. Despite making records on the field, the golfer also knows how to make his fellow players laugh every once in a while. However, not all his fans are aware of the old Webb Simpson incident with Tiger Woods that has resurfaced recently on the internet.

Webb Simpson’s epic episode with Tiger Woods

Webb Simpson once shared one of his hilarious incidents with Tiger Woods from the 2012 Ryder Cup. “It was the final day I was playing Poulter and on the eighth hole, the par-three,” he said. “I tried to smash it, I got a little ahead of it, and I shanked it.”. It is not a great feeling when a player tries to drive the ball straight ahead but instead hits it with the heel of the club.

But unfortunately, that’s what happened with Simpson. And the first thought that came to his head was that the ball was probably headed to where Woods would be playing. Scared of Woods making fun of him for the rest of his life, the golfer doubted his next move. However, when he reached the place, it turned out that Woods had already moved through there.

After finishing up with his round, the golfer met Woods in the locker room after losing the Ryder Cup. The whole room was quiet until Woods asked Simpson a question he would never forget. “He said the wind was tricky out there, wasn’t it? I’m like, yeah, it was tricky, but in my mind, I’m like, why is he talking about the wind right now? “ Simpson recalled.

And when Woods asked the same question about eight, Simpson understood that Woods was indeed trying to make fun of him. It turned out that despite not being present there, Woods knew about the blunder Simpson had made. “I started laughing, he started laughing. and we still talk about the story now,” Simpson said.

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