Anthony Joshua could head straight into a showdown with Deontay Wilder if he fails to return to the ring in early 2023, says promoter Eddie Hearn.

The Brit has been forced to plot a route back to the top of the heavyweight division after he was beaten by Oleksandr Usyk for a second time back in August.

After losing his unified titles to Usyk last year, Joshua came up short in his attempt to reclaim them when they met again in Saudi Arabia, despite a much-improved display the second time around.

Many questioned whether he would retire on the back of two devastating defeats, yet AJ has no plans to throw in the towel and is instead on a redemption mission.

He was first thrown an unlikely bone by Tyson Fury in September, only for negotiations with the Gypsy King’s team to eventually hit a snag, and now talk has turned to a potential meeting with Wilder in 2023.

In an interview with DAZN, Hearn even claimed that Joshua could go straight into that mega-fight if he doesn’t take a tune-up bout early next year, as the American’s promoters have now entered talks over a potential deal.

Hearn said,‘I actually sent Shelly Finkel [Wilder’s promoter] an email back in August to talk about a deal and he actually replied to me yesterday.

‘I invited them out here to Abu Dhabi this week, they can’t come, but I see the Deontay Wilder fight probably being the second fight for Anthony Joshua in all honesty, but he’s up for fighting anyone.

‘If he waits, he may go straight into that fight, it all depends on when he returns, if he returns early in the year, he’ll fight someone else first and if not he’ll go straight into the [Dillian] Whyte or Wilder fight.’

Joshua and Wilder have been on a collision course for some time, with talks between their respective teams breaking down when they both held world titles in 2018.

Anthony Joshua has hit out at rival Tyson Fury after his bizarre X-rated rant at a YouTuber on social media.

In a viral interview, the Gypsy King swore multiple times and insulted social media star True Geordie – real name Brian Davis – after he questioned Fury’s trilogy fight against Derek Chisora.

In response, Joshua told SPORTbible that boxers needed to behave better to set an example to young people.

“Listen, there’s one thing being the champion of the ring and there’s another being the champion of the people outside of the ring,” he said.

“We need to conduct ourselves in better fashion because there’s youngsters that are watching us.

“I’m not the judge who can say what’s right or wrong, we just have to try and conduct ourselves in better fashion when we can, when we’re in front of the camera. When we can, just try. Try, try, try, that’s for the up-and-coming fighters.’

In response to Davis asking whether boxing fans would want to see a third bout against Chisora, a man he has already beaten comfortably in 2011 and 2014, Fury reacted furiously.

The WBC world heavyweight title holder said, “I think you’re a t****r. You little t***pot. And I won’t be doing any more interviews with you little t***pot, bearded, bald-headed t****r. Kiss my b**ls, you little w**ker. You little sh**house.”

After laughing his way through the abuse, Davis asked Fury if he was having trouble ending the video call, prompting the heavyweight to reply: “Suck a d**k.”

Undefeated Fury (33-0-1) faces 38-year-old veteran Chisora (33-12) at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on December 3.

If responses is what Drake wanted by calling out multiple people on his Her Loss album with 21 Savage, he should be more than satisfied with the results. The latest person to respond to being dissed by Drizzy is Serena Williams’ husband, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, who got inexplicably dissed by Aubrey on the new album.

Drake sent multiple shots on his new joint effort with 21 Savage, including outright dissing Ohanian on the album cut “Middle of the Ocean.” “I swear you don’t even mean what y’all say like y’all dubbin’ a movie/Sidebar, Serena, your husband a groupie,” Drake raps. “He claim we don’t got a problem but/No, boo, it is like you comin’ for sushi/We might pop up on ’em at will like Suzuki.”

Ohanian addressed the slight in a tweet in a Twitter thread this afternoon, which was initially about his business prowess but turned into a response to Drake.

“The reason I stay winning is because I’m relentless about being the absolute best at whatever I do — including being the best groupie for my wife & daughter,” Ohanian wrote.

It is unclear why Drake sent a shot Ohanian’s way. Drake and Serena dated for some time in the mid-2010s.

This is the third response Drake has gotten from something he rapped on Her Loss. On the track, “Circo Loco,” he appeared to shade Kanye West by implying he only performed with Ye at the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert last year in Chicago at the behest of J Prince. Drake got a reaction from Megan Thee Stallion after dropping bars on the same song that seem to imply Megan lied about being shot in 2020.

Federer retired from the sport in September, marking an end of an era. But Djokovic has once reminded fans that while Big Three era is done, there is still the rivalry between him and Nadal.

The era of the Big Three is considered the greatest ever period in men’s tennis with the trio of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, winning over 60 of the last 72 Grand Slam events played. Federer however retired from the sport in September, marking an end of an era. But Djokovic has once reminded fans that while Big Three era is done, there is still the rivalry between him and Nadal.

Federer drew curtains on his illustrious 24-year-long career at the Laver Cup in London. It was his first tennis event after 14-month hiatus owing to knee injury. Nadal and Djokovic were both part of the event and the Spaniard had played his a doubles alongside the Swiss in Federer’s last match.

The retirement led to many believing that it was the start of the end of the Big Three era amid the rise of young guns like Carlos Alcaraz, who claimed a US Open title win that same month. But Djokovic shut the claims with an epic statement on Nadal.

“I live in a very special moment of tennis history, maybe the greatest, and I feel incredibly honoured to be in a situation to write the history of our sport,” the 21-time Grand Slam champion told the RMC podcast.

When asked about the significance of Federer’s retirement, Djokovic said that “a big rivalry was still running” between him and Nadal. “The moment hasn’t come, either for him or for me,” he added.

No two players in ATP history, in Open Era, has faced each other more number of times than Nadal and Djokovic. Their last meeting was in French Open quarterfinal where the Spaniard had won in four sets to avenge his 2021 defeat to the Serb in Roland Garros.

Earlier this year, the Serbian was denied entry into Australia due to his vaccination status. He was eventually deported from the country and was subsequently banned from the entering the country for the next three years. He also missed the US Open due to his stance on taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

However, after months of speculation, the Serb reported receiving positive signs about his participation in the 2023 Australian Open. He is highly hopeful that, despite being subject to a three-year visa ban, he will be permitted to enter Australia and participate in the Australian Open in January. The nine-time Open champion continued by saying that he should learn about his status within the next few weeks. Fans of the legendary Serbian are eagerly waiting for more updates about this ongoing issue.

‘One of the Biggest Wishes’ – Novak Djokovic Desires to Have a ‘Roger Federer-Like’ Farewell Once He Hangs Up His Boots

In an exclusive interview, the 21-time Grand Slam winner, Novak Djokovic, revealed the ideal manner in which he wants to retire from tennis. The Nole claimed that the time to retire hadn’t arrived for him or his on-court rival, Rafael Nadal.

Djokovic felt honored to be a part of Roger Federer’s farewell at this year Laver Cup. Djokovic joined his fellow rival, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, to give an unforgettable farewell to the Swiss Maestro. Now, he wished for a similar farewell when he decides to step away from the sport.

Novak Djokovic wants a farewell just like that of Roger Federer’s
Although Djokovic isn’t planning to retire anytime soon, he wants a farewell surrounded by friends and rival, just like the one enjoyed by Roger Federer at the 2022 Laver Cup. Djokovic and Rafael Nadal were present on the court when Federer’s 24-year-long career came to an end.

The Swiss Maestro had taken a 14-month break before returning for his final match. He teamed up with his biggest rival, Rafael Nadal, to play doubles, before sitting on Team Europe’s bench to support the other members of the squad, including the Serb.

On social media, pictures of Federer, Djokovic and Nadal crying while watching the Laver Cup went viral. The retirement of Roger Federer appears to have served as an inspiration for the Serbian. He now wants to enjoy a similar experience at his retirement match.

“His footprint, his legacy, his mark that he left behind is going to live forever…he has not only achieved so much on the court but he has inspired so many young players to take a racquet in their hand.”

– @DjokerNole on his friend and rival @rogerfederer

— Tennis Channel (@TennisChannel) November 3, 2022

In an interview with the Tennis Channel, he said, “I was very honored to be there (2022 Laver Cup ) and um, we were all emotional of course. Because I think you know the intensity of the rivalries is so high that you don’t have….time to reflect on maybe some larger things..”

The Nole further added, “But uh one thing is for sure I would love to have the greatest Rivals that I had particularly Roger, Rafa, and Andy there, you know, whenever that happens. I would love to have them there. That’s one of the biggest wishes.”

Tiger Woods Hit a Hole-in-One at His First Pro Game. The Ball Could Fetch $50,000 at Auction.
Its from one of only three holes-in-one he’s made during his PGA career.

Tiger Woods announced his arrival to the PGA tour with a bang, sinking a hole-in-one at his very first pro event. Now, that ball he struck with the fateful 6-iron can be yours.

Heritage Auctions is currently offering the Titleist Woods aced back in 1996—with bidding open for the next two weeks—and the ball is expected to fetch more than $50,000, Golf reported. It’s a rare bit of memorabilia, because while Woods has won 82 PGA tournaments and 15 majors, he’s hit only two more holes-in-one at PGA events in the 26 years since.

“It’s difficult to equate the significance of this ball to something in another sport,” Chris Nerat, the sports consignment director at the auction house, said in a statement. “This is more than just someone hitting a home run or scoring a touchdown in his first game, because those things, while exceedingly difficult and impressive, happen far more frequently than a hole-in-one.”

The story behind the ball is pretty good, too. It has been owned for the past 26 years by Bob Gustin, who really lucked into becoming the recipient of one of history’s most important golf balls. He had attended Woods’s pro debut at the Greater Milwaukee Open with his brother-in-law, David Beck. The two were part of a crowd that persuaded Woods to throw them the ball after he’d aced the 14th hole.

Beck reached for the ball, deflected it and ended up in Gustin’s possession. Even better, the director of the tournament assisted in getting the ball signed by Woods, making it even more valuable.

While Gustin has loved being the proud owner of the Woods memorabilia, he’s ready to pass it on to someone else. But with the sale, he’s paying it back to the family member who helped him become the owner in the first place.

“Whatever it goes for, I’m splitting that with my brother-in-law, David,” he said in a statement. “He’s the one who it deflected off of before it came to me. We both had a part in me ending up with this ball, so we’ll both enjoy it after it goes to someone else.”

Fans credit LIV Golf and Phil Mickelson for the new changes within the Tours
LIV Golf was the first golf league to offer guaranteed money for its players. The DP and PGA Tours were against the Saudi-backed league’s this scheme. However, many are accusing that they are following the same now with the introduction of their new programs.

regardless of your thoughts on LIV, no denying a lot of good has come from them existing right?

— Chris Podymaitis (@cpodymaitis) November 3, 2022

“Now, let’s go back to ridiculing the tour that helped every professional golfer in the world get more money.”

— Sekrah Sports (@sekrah) November 3, 2022

Competition breeds excellence

— Hellacious Bombs (@hellacious_bomb) November 3, 2022

thanks Greg. I would be very careful signing up for the card and accepting that though as I’m sure there will be a little small print that legally bans players from even speaking with LIV. Be very careful you read the terms PROS

— LIVBOT (@steven1976a) November 3, 2022

Maybe those players should thank Phil and LIV.

— Billy Sanchez (@Bsanchez2121) November 3, 2022

Phil was right

— Ian Welker (@iancwelker007) November 3, 2022

Will Phil end up having a bigger impact on all golfer’s paychecks than Tiger? Hard to imagine this being the case a year or two ago but I don’t know that you can deny it now.

— Zachary Dosch (@zacharydosch) November 3, 2022

All pro golfers should be sending @PhilMickelson whatever bottles of wine he wants

— John Peterson (@JohnPetersonFW) November 3, 2022

Phil Mickelson was one of the first golfers to start supporting the Invitational Series of LIV Golf. He was also the first to question the financial dealings of the Tour. This has made him distant from the PGA Tour and many of its loyalists. However, now that the fans allege the Tours have followed the same path, some even asked the Tour players to thank Mickelson for helping them to get such benefits.

Tiger Woods is a golf legend. He played amazingly for years, and after several significant victories, he rightfully became the G.O.A.T. of golf. However, a new name is trending in the golf world. After the latest revelation, the golfer has become the talk of the town. Winning a championship is an outstanding achievement, but winning and becoming better than G.O.A.T. is huge. And this golfer has achieved an incredible milestone.

Who is the new name better than Tiger Woods?
After the official Instagram handle of the LPGA tour posted a picture a few hours ago, the golf world was shaken. Annika Sörenstam, a former Swedish professional golfer, is the new name of the golf world, giving competition to the legend of Tiger Woods. The pro golfer has created history by winning the same event for five years!

The LPGA tour pointed it out in their Instagram post. First time in the history of LPGA and the PGA tour, Annika has won the TOTO Japan Classic five times in a row. From 2001 to 2005, she registered the title under her name successfully. Now she is the only one to be the first to win consecutive years.

You might think that the G.O.A.T. has also won consecutive years then; why is she the first? Woods has won three straight, that too six times, but not at the same event. The legend has completed a three-peat on the same PGA tour six different times. But in the case of the female golfer, she won the same event five times in a row. Hence, she is the one with the record now.

Who is Annika Sörenstam?

The 52-years-old Annika Charlotta Sörenstam is known as one of the finest female golfers in the history of the LPGA. The former golfer stepped away from the professional world of golf in 2008.

However, before taking retirement, she achieved a lot in her career. The former golfer won 72 times on the LPGA Tour, and 10 were major championships. She is the only female with the most wins under her name, including 90 international victories.

It is common knowledge that athletes play an important role in many issues and that with their voice they can influence and change certain things. Yasser al-Khayat, a Saudi, is angry with Tiger Woods. The reason for this is the fact that Woods has never publicly raised his voice against the regime in Saudi Arabia.

Yasser al-Khayat’s brother was executed in March. “You said you oppose the tour out of loyalty to the PGA Tour and respect for golf’s history. I hope to persuade you to speak out against it as a matter of principle, by taking a stand against sportswashing.

My brother, Mustafa, was executed by the Saudi Arabian authorities for daring to ask for basic human rights that you enjoy in the USA. He was one of the 81 men killed in the largest mass execution in the country’s history earlier this year.

When Lewis Hamilton spoke up for the victims of Mohammed bin Salman’s repressive regime at this year’s Formula One race in Jeddah, he earned the enduring respect of every Saudi family that has been punished for wanting our people to live in a free country.

I ask you to raise your voice, in my brother’s name. Please do not let what happened to him be forgotten. ”- al-Khayat said, as quoted by

Jeed Basyouni
Jeed Basyouni, one of the fighters for human rights, emphasized why golfers do not want to talk about Saudi Arabia and the regime.

“When LIV golfers competed in Saudi Arabia recently, organisers made sure they didn’t have to answer any difficult questions.” – Basyouni said. “And when the winner gets $4 million and the last place finishers receive $120,000 just for turning up it’s easy to understand why nobody wants to rock the boat by mentioning human rights.”

He believes that the world must react urgently! “But the fact is, however hard they try to convince the world otherwise, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is still a place where children, non-violent drug offenders and people exercising their right to free speech are sentenced to death.

And each sporting event that projects the false image the Saudi authorities want the world to see, with no questions asked, makes the next mass execution more likely”.