Who is the greatest basketball player of all time? Is it LeBron James or Michael Jordan? This question has plagued basketball discussions since the late 2000s. It has made any talk of the sport a bit polarized. The media arguably fuels this talk more with critical analysis about LeBron’s failings or Jordan’s flaws.

Both have not made any comment about this comparison but fans have already selected sides. Some are saying that Michael Jordan s better and some are saying that LeBron James is better. Even golf legend Tiger Woods weighed in on the debate.

He was asked this question back in 2018. Woods answered, “When I was growing up, a goat was a bad thing. ” He continued, ” They’re both great in different ways. You know, I think that if you look at MJ. He was a prolific scorer and played defense like no other. He’s always first-team, you know, all-defense. But LeBron’s different. He’s like a hybrid of MJ and Magic Johnson which is so different because he’s bringing up the ball a lot. MJ never really did that.”

Tiger Woods mentioned that Scottie Pippen was usually his point forward and according to him, that is very similar to LeBron. He still repeated that both were very different players and helped their teams differently.

The golfer did acknowledge Michael Jordan’s dominance in NBA Finals but also said that James does it differently. Hence, they both have changed the game for good.

Michael Jordan vs LeBron James in the Finals
Michael Jordan’s record is six for six in the NBA Finals with the Chicago Bulls. Meanwhile, LeBron James has won four Finals but has also lost six. Jordan was more experienced when he reached that stage for the first time. He was 28 years old at the time and had already faced heartbreaks in the playoffs due to the Detroit Pistons and the Boston Celtics. He defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1991 Finals to secure his first title and didn’t look back ever since. Jordan won five more from 1992 to 1998.

LeBron James was in his first Finals at the age of 22. A young James arguably carried his Cleveland Cavaliers team to the Finals and lost the series to the experienced San Antonio Spurs. He lost another one after that in 2011 with the Miami Heat against the Dallas Mavericks where his performance was not up to his standards. He won his first in 2012 and second in 2013 but his struggles did not end there.

When he came back to Cleveland, the Golden State Warriors practically built a super team out of the ground. While his performances were exemplary, the King could only win one title (2016) during that time. His latest title was in 2020 with his current team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Earlier than the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted him in 2003, LeBron James had end up one in all the largest high college basketball gamers throughout the us of a.

Many fanatics and pundits commenced following his basketball career even when he was still gambling for St. Vincent-St. Mary excessive college.

In step with a current report, a basketball he autographed together with his excessive school teammates will soon be placed up for public sale.

“A super-rare item from LeBron James’ legendary high school career is about to hit auction — a basketball signed by the King and his teammates from St. Vincent-St. Mary … and it could come with a big price tag!!” reported TMZ.

The ball is signed by some notable people.

“Besides LBJ’s autograph — which received an 8/10 grade — you can see his teammates Dru Joyce, Sian Cotton and others inscribed on the ball,” TMZ wrote.

“In fact, right next to James’ signature is Maverick Carter … who is currently business partners with the [Los Angeles] Lakers superstar and one of the founders of LRMR Ventures.

“The ball — that hits Heritage Auctions on June 4 — has 11 overall signatures and is expected to sell for over $5k!!”

Early in his life, James became recognized by the media as a future NBA superstar. He racked up a lot of basketball awards as a high school player, including winning the Gatorade National Player of the Year award twice and earning three selections to the USA Today All-USA First Team.

The Ohio entered the NBA draft straight out of high school. He was selected by his hometown team, the Cavs, with the first overall pick of the 2003 NBA Draft. James immediately took the league by storm, becoming the first Cavs player to win the NBA Rookie of the Year award.

James became a superstar very quickly and helped the franchise transform into one of the best teams in the league. He led Cleveland to multiple appearances in the playoffs and a trip to the NBA Finals in the 2006-07 season.

Failing to win a title in his first seven seasons in the NBA, James decided to sign with the Miami Heat in the 2010 offseason. Four years and two championships later, the four-time MVP returned to his hometown team and delivered the city its first NBA title ever in the 2015-16 season.

While la Lakers star LeBron James is well-known for what he does at the basketball court docket, his involvement in any other recreation could go omitted.

The yank regularly takes to social media to share his love for optimal League giants Liverpool and he is got more reasons than one to cheer them on.

LeBron James and his ties to the Reds have existed for over a decade. The Sporting News explains his involvement in the club, first taking root via an inspired business deal that has only grown his passion for Liverpool Football Club.

Does LeBron James own Liverpool?
A key reason for James’s love for the Reds is the fact he’s held a minority ownership stake in the club since 2011.

As part of a sponsorship deal with Fenway Sports Group (FSG) at the time, the basketball star secured two percent of Liverpool for £4.7 million ($6.5m) alongside business partner Maverick Carter.

James watched a game at Anfield following his acquisition and was taken by the support for the club.

“One of the single best experiences of my life! The excitement that these fans have is like no other,” James said.

In 2021, James’s stake in the club was increased by an undisclosed amount after he became an official part of the FSG ownership group.

Carter was also added to the group and admitted he and James always saw themselves becoming more involved.

“Working with Fenway Sports Group for the past decade has taught LeBron and me so much about the business on a global scale, and we’ve always believed it would lead to something bigger,” Carter said.

“We are proud to be part of this iconic ownership group and are excited about the opportunities that come with that to continue creating change and empowering people of every race, gender and background to be part of the process.”

Is LeBron James a Liverpool fan? Will he be at the Champions League final?
Considering his ownership stake, it’s no surprise that James is a fully-fledged fan of Liverpool.

The four-time NBA champion and MVP is regularly seen sporting Reds gear and often takes to social media to celebrate the team’s success.

Although James would be a guest of honor at the final as one of Liverpool’s owners, that didn’t stop former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher to extend an invitation to Paris where the Reds will face Real Madrid.

“LeBron, if you want to come to Paris you can join us and the CBS team and you can be my guest. I’m pitchside and I want you next to us in Paris,” Carragher said.

“Give us the support we need to win that seventh European Cup. Come and join us big man!”

LeBron James’ Liverpool bet has paid off
When LeBron first got involved with the Reds in April 2011, the club were going through a rough patch on the field.

Liverpool finished sixth in the Premier League and failed to win a trophy across the 2010-11 season, notably being knocked out of the League Cup by Northampton Town.

Fast forward just over a decade and Jurgen Klopp’s side are making a bold bid to win every trophy on offer.

The Reds have since also ended their 30-year league title drought and lifted the Champions League once again since James got on board.

Performances on and off the pitch have seen Liverpool’s overall value soar, with James’s initial stake now reportedly worth close to 10 times the amount he paid for it over a decade ago.