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The 23-timeGrand Slam champion Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian is a work of art. He’s a a hit enterprise owner, a wise investor, and a father of an cute four-12 months-antique. However, with these kinds of responsibilities on his shoulders, Ohanian still manages to spare time for his hobbies.

One of his hobbies, which has survived the ups and downs of his life, is collecting rookie cards. Recently, Alexis Ohanian took to Instagram to flaunt his collection of rookie cards from when Serena made her debut.

Alexis Ohanian Takes a Dig at Marvel
Marvel has always catered to the interest of young children with superhero stories. Almost every kid of the current and past generations grew up admiring the characters of the Marvel comics. Further, Marvel introduces rookie cards from time to time and Ohanian, being a Marvel fan, has a collection of them.

However, he recently stumbled upon an old stack of cards and found the references and puns related to the characters absurd. Therefore, he shared an array of pictures on Instagram. And dedicated a story, Shang-Li’s card with a caption, “1975 and Marvel was trying to play some bills.”

Ohanian received the card as a gift for his purchase of Topps chewing gum. The card had Shang Li in red attire illustrating a kick with a comment which said, “All aspirin is not alike.”

Ohanian and Serena’s Miami Adventure
Alexis Ohanian flew to Miami to be a part of this year’s Miami Grand Prix. Following him, Serena Williams also landed in Miami on the occasion of Mother’s day along with sister Venus Williams. Both the Williams sisters and Ohanian were at the event to support the seven times world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Although the trio’s cheering went in vain as the Brit driving a Mercedes failed to secure a victory, they had an eventful day at the Hard Rock Stadium. Serena shinned in a floral dress and both the Williams sisters met their good friend and former World No.1 Caroline Wozniacki. Following that, Ohanian, Williams and Olympia went out of dinner to celebrate Serena’s four years of motherhood.