When Suni Lee received the all-around gold medal on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she wrote records for the Hmong-American community. Since her Olympic victory, Lee’s schedule has been packed, giving her no time to begin schooling for her next Olympic feat.

So now that she’s finally back home in Saint Paul, Minnesota, from college, her first order of business was to go and see the murals commissioned by her grandparents to celebrate her gold.

The 19-year-old gymnast updated her Instagram with pictures of her standing in front of the murals, captioned, “first stop back home 🫶🏼 so surreal seeing all the love and support i have. finally got to see these in person, pictures truly don’t do these murals justice 🤍”.

Suni Lee

Suni Lee’s grandparents Choua and Cheu Lee commissioned St. Paul artist Mwene Kajunju “MK”, to paint the mural that shows Lee in black and white, biting her bright-colored Olympic gold medal. It is painted on the side of a building owned by the Lees.

The mural features a quote by Suni Lee that says, “I made the country number one. I did it for my family and to inspire all the little kids in my community.” Lee also posed with the wall depicting her and gymnastics legend Simone Biles, taking a picture with their silver medals.

Since her Olympic victory, Lee has been showered with many honors from her country. She not only received the “Asia Game Changer Award”, but the governor of Minnesota and the mayor of St. Paul declared July 30, 2021, to be “Sunisa Lee Day”.

Lee also competed in the NCAA Championships, the first all-around Olympic champion to do so. Here, she reunited with part of the Olympic team thanks to the name, image, and likeness policy. Lee won the balance beam title, came in second for the all-around event and helped Auburn to a fourth-place team finish. College Gym News named her Freshman of the Year for her efforts.

The three-time Olympic medalist was also a contestant on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in Los Angeles. She made it all the way to the semi-finals before she got eliminated. Currently, Suni Lee is studying at Auburn University in Alabama. She is competing as part of the Auburn Tigers, coached by Jess Graba.

As a minority proprietor of Liverpool, LeBron James determined to pull up to the Champions League final among the Reds and real Madrid to expose his help.

But it seems his cameo look didn’t move down too properly with some of the fanatics in Paris.

The NBA megastar was seen watching the game from the comfort of a swanky executive VIP box in the Stade de France.

Donning a fancy suit, accompanied with a Reds shirt over his shoulders, it wasn’t long before those inside the stadium began turning their attention to the Los Angeles Lakers main man.

A number of videos have since surfaced showing spectators chanting “Michael Jordan is better” in LeBron’s direction.

It’s difficult to say exactly which set of supporters were behind the brutal banter, but with LeBron having large stakes in Liverpool, you can probably hazard a wild guess at who the jeering was coming from.

In one clip, LeBron takes the stick on the chin by simply chuckling to himself before waving his hand in the fans’ direction to invite more comments.

In seperate footage, LeBron’s face appears on the big screen inside the Stade de France, sparking a chorus of boos around the famous Parisian arena.

LeBron James

And it was the Los Blancos fans who go the last laugh too with Real clinching an emphatic victory thanks to a single goal from Vinicius Jr.

It’s the fourteenth time Madrid have lifted the famous jug-eared trophy – the most out of any team in the competition’s history.

As for LeBron’s Reds, for a team that had their sights set on a historic quadruple just a few weeks ago, they now finish the season with just two domestic titles in the FA and Carabao Cup.

LeBron James’ son was slammed online for taking “a white girl” to his high school prom.

LeBron Raymone James Jr, AKA ‘Bronny’, shared a bunch of images on Instagram of himself and fellow classmate Peyton Gelfuso attending their prom together.

But instead of being happy for the 17-year-old, social media users took exception to the colour of his date’s skin and decided to bombard Bronny with abuse.

One person commented: “That girl is whiter than white bruh.”

While another added: “Welp, on the bright side, LeBron has more kids. Maybe they will do better.”

And someone in a different thread continued: “Lost another black king to a money hungry white girl… Bron gotta do better SMH.”

Meanwhile, others labelled Bronny’s date a “gold digger”.

As a result of the awful backlash, Bronny has since deleted the post.

However, LeBron’s wife Savannah’s Instagram post has remained live and some of the vile comments are still visible to see.

Despite the nasty remarks from some, most people did leap to Bronny’s defence though, condemning the comments made towards both the future NBA prospect and his date.

One of those people who came out in support of the happy couple was former NFL player Robert Griffin III who is married to Estonian athlete Grete Sadeiko.

“Bronny James upset a lot of miserable people because he decided to take a white girl to the prom as his date,” RG3 said in a video on Instagram.

“First of all, it’s 2022, what’s wrong with that? You can take an Avatar to the prom for all I care – who he chooses is who he chooses.

“Secondly, it’s giving weird energy that a bunch of grown men and women, 40 year olds, are trying to tell a 17-year-old who they think he should bring to prom.

“This has nothing to do with LeBron and Savannah not raising Bronny right and the colour of the skin of the girl he takes to prom should not matter. Leave these kids alone.”

Truly awful comments aside, the couple looked like they enjoyed themselves at the prom, arriving at the event in a $326,000 custom-print Mercedes GT sports car.

As for the unwarranted backlash they’ve faced, Bronny or LeBron himself are yet to comment.