Jona Rechnitz


This is really sweet.

Floyd Mayweather didn’t only hook up two young fans in a major way, gracing the boys with some spending cash and a promise of tickets to an NBA game … the boxing legend spent quality time with the youngsters, and even gave an impromptu “interview.”

We’re told the two young fans were selling candy/waiting for Floyd outside the Ritz in Los Angeles. When Mayweather saw them, he busted out his wallet and handed each a Benjamin … and even answered a few hard-hitting questions.

“Floyd Mayweather, how do you feel about stopping boxing?” the future reporter asked.

TBE answered … “You know how it is. Our philosophy is ‘Never stop getting it!'”
The interviewer shot back, “The internet says you stopped boxing ’cause you’re 40 years old.”

Floyd laughed, amused by the question.

Mayweather also told the kids he was going to hook them up with some tickets to an upcoming NBA game at Crypto.com Arena.

And the kids were super excited! In fact, Floyd’s buddy, Jona Rechnitz, says one of the kids, after learning about the tix, said “We always sell chocolates to people leaving the arena but we’ve never been inside the arena before.”