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Who is the greatest basketball player of all time? Is it LeBron James or Michael Jordan? This question has plagued basketball discussions since the late 2000s. It has made any talk of the sport a bit polarized. The media arguably fuels this talk more with critical analysis about LeBron’s failings or Jordan’s flaws.

Both have not made any comment about this comparison but fans have already selected sides. Some are saying that Michael Jordan s better and some are saying that LeBron James is better. Even golf legend Tiger Woods weighed in on the debate.

He was asked this question back in 2018. Woods answered, “When I was growing up, a goat was a bad thing. ” He continued, ” They’re both great in different ways. You know, I think that if you look at MJ. He was a prolific scorer and played defense like no other. He’s always first-team, you know, all-defense. But LeBron’s different. He’s like a hybrid of MJ and Magic Johnson which is so different because he’s bringing up the ball a lot. MJ never really did that.”

Tiger Woods mentioned that Scottie Pippen was usually his point forward and according to him, that is very similar to LeBron. He still repeated that both were very different players and helped their teams differently.

The golfer did acknowledge Michael Jordan’s dominance in NBA Finals but also said that James does it differently. Hence, they both have changed the game for good.

Michael Jordan vs LeBron James in the Finals
Michael Jordan’s record is six for six in the NBA Finals with the Chicago Bulls. Meanwhile, LeBron James has won four Finals but has also lost six. Jordan was more experienced when he reached that stage for the first time. He was 28 years old at the time and had already faced heartbreaks in the playoffs due to the Detroit Pistons and the Boston Celtics. He defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1991 Finals to secure his first title and didn’t look back ever since. Jordan won five more from 1992 to 1998.

LeBron James was in his first Finals at the age of 22. A young James arguably carried his Cleveland Cavaliers team to the Finals and lost the series to the experienced San Antonio Spurs. He lost another one after that in 2011 with the Miami Heat against the Dallas Mavericks where his performance was not up to his standards. He won his first in 2012 and second in 2013 but his struggles did not end there.

When he came back to Cleveland, the Golden State Warriors practically built a super team out of the ground. While his performances were exemplary, the King could only win one title (2016) during that time. His latest title was in 2020 with his current team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Renowned golfer Tiger Woods is now a billionaire, as per a new estimate by using Forbes. Woods is the 0.33 billionaire athlete within the world after NBA icons Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Consistent with a ten June document through Forbes, Woods earned a gross total of over USD 1.7 billion earlier than taxes and retailers’ prices in his 27-yr-lengthy profession from golfing, endorsements and different deals. The e-book estimates that his lifetime internet well worth, therefore, comes to at least USD 1 billion.

How Tiger Woods became a billionaire
Highest-paid athlete till 2012

Woods won USD 121 million in prize money — the highest by any pro golfer in history. Also, he was the highest paid athlete in the world for 10 consecutive years till 2012, on Forbes’ list.

To date, Woods has had 82 wins on the PGA Tour — an all-time highest record, he shares with Sam Snead. He has also won 15 Majors and is only behind Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18.

However, finances from playing the sport make up just 10 percent of the total earnings in his career.

Tiger Woods

High endorsements
Forbes says that most of Woods’ billion-dollar fortune has come from endorsements with brands such as Gatorade, Monster Energy, Rolex and Nike.

As per the report, Woods reached the billion-dollar mark despite turning down a “mind-blowingly enormous” offer from the Saudi-backed LIV Golf tour. LIV Golf commissioner Greg Norman told The Washington Post that the deal would be around “high nine digits.”

“He hit the right time in the right sport, being an athlete with a diverse background who was approachable,” veteran sports business consultant and Columbia lecturer Joe Favorito told Forbes. “Brands love knowing they’re getting someone who is embraced not just by the traditional but also by the casual fans.”

Earnings from other avenues

Apart from his professional and endorsement earnings, Woods makes money from his ventures too. These include a golf design business, live events production company and the restaurant named The Woods.

He is also an investor in clubs and resorts group NEXUS Luxury Collection and is a partner in SPAC.

The Forbes report comes in the backdrop of a string of setbacks in the golfer’s career.

According to CBS News, the 46-year-old golfer is not in his best form, since a car accident in February 2021. He withdrew from major events such as the Masters, the PGA Championship and the US Open in 2022, as well.

Having currently come to be the first energetic NBA participant to make Forbes’ billionaire listing, it appears as although LeBron James has set his points of interest on owning a group in Las Vegas.

The King, who overlooked out on the playoffs for just the fourth time in his 19-yr profession, already has a stake in Fenway sports institution, which owns Liverpool, among other franchises

He previously stated his goal is to own an NBA franchise “sooner or later”, with his most recent comments confirming that.

While speaking on Uninterrupted’s ‘The Shop’, James made it clear he wants to be the one that brings a franchise to Las Vegas.

“I want to buy a team, for sure,” he said.

“I want a team in Vegas. I want the team in Vegas.”

The city has welcomed teams in the WNBA, NHL and NFL in recent years and, judging by James’ statement, it seems an NBA franchise isn’t far behind.

A great 12 months for LeBron James
Despite failing to reach the NBA playoffs, the past 12 months have been great for James.

LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers star earned 121.2 million dollars before taxes and agent fees, helping him become a billionaire while still playing.

That landmark will no doubt help him in his goal to become an owner, especially as he’s made it known he’d rather take on that role than that of a TV analyst.

Commercial enterprise partners off the court docket, LeBron James and Draymond green have became their contention into a friendship. The warriors and Cavaliers confronted off each 12 months within the NBA Finals from 2015-2018, with of direction Draymond and LeBron being on opposing groups for those battles. While their rivalry became seemingly one of the extra contentious within the league during those years, the energy has due to the fact shifted. That said, there are nonetheless a few untold tales about the peak in their rivalry, and Draymond these days shared one of those.

When asked about some of his trash talk to Grant Williams, that referenced an answer Williams gave about his personal Draymond Green fandom, Draymond told the story of a similar situation he had with LeBron James.

“LeBron James, when I was wearing LeBron James sneakers in my first 1, 2, 3 years and playing against him, he didn’t throw it in my face like, dude you got on my sneakers. Because it’s just not something you do. But once he start going at me, and it got chippy… then you just go wherever you gotta go.”

Draymond seemed to indicate that LeBron never threw it in Draymond’s face that he was wearing LeBron’s sneakers, until the two got chippy with one another, making the remark fair game. The story from Draymond was to provide context into his exchange with Grant Williams, where Draymond said, “You’re not me, you want to be me.” This trash talk from Draymond came after Williams said he grew up a fan of Green, even bragging to his friends at school following Golden State’s 2015 title.

LeBron James

As Draymond also mentioned, he didn’t break out that trash talk against Williams in Game 1, since Williams himself wasn’t talking trash; however, much like the LeBron James story Draymond shared, the veteran forward felt it was fair game once Williams engaged in some trash talk of his own.

Sport is a profession in which a single match on a single day can earn you a fortune. Sportsmen have amassed fortunes within the millions and billions of bucks, and have built empires for themselves. NBA first rate LeBron James and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. Are two examples of a number of the sector’s wealthiest athletes.

Moreover, both the elite athletes have come a long way since their beginnings and have accomplished much more than just being exceptional players. Mayweather and James have accumulated millions of dollars with each passing year. Here’s an account of how these celebrity athletes garnered their massive wealth.

Floyd Mayweather vs LeBron James: Net Worth Comparison in 2022
Floyd Mayweather Jr, often known as ‘Money,’ has made a record-breaking amount of money in the year 2022. Various sources offer varying figures for Mayweather’s net worth, but according to Celebrity Net Worth, the boxer is worth $450 million. The boxer has only had one fight so far in 2022, but the ‘Pretty Boy’ knows how to make money through other sources.
LeBron James, on the other hand, is widely considered one of the best basketball players of all time, but he has now achieved a feat that no other active basketball player has ever accomplished. According to Forbes, in 2022, ‘King James’ has reached a net worth of $1 billion. With a varied range of projects and investments, James has a massive cash flow.

Floyd Mayweather vs LeBron James: Worth Increase Over 5 Years
Although Mayweather retired from boxing in 2017, that didn’t hinder the growth of his wealth. He had a net worth of $285 million in 2018, and it rose to $320 million in the consecutive year. Furthermore, the number rose by $40 million in 2020, taking the wealth collection to $360 million.

Moreover, ‘Money’ fought Youtuber Logan Paul in 2021, and stated in a conference that he earned a massive $100 million from that fight. His net worth rose to $410 million that year. Currently, he has a net worth of $450 million.
LeBron James, the best-paid NBA player ever, has signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. For the 2018-2019 NBA season, he was paid $35 million, with the annual value increasing each year until the 2021-2022 season. In 2018, he had a net worth of $630 million, which he increased to $680 million the following year. By 2021, the figure had risen to $720 million.

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Besides, James produced a movie in 2021 named ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’. Although the movie had its critics, it earned around $163 million at the box office, which eventually added to his net worth of $790 million. Now, the athlete has reached a net worth that is approximately $900 million.

Floyd Mayweather vs LeBron James: Highly Paid Endorsements
Despite his fame, Floyd Mayweather is not a major endorser. During his major bout with boxing icon Manny Pacquiao, though, he was promoting brands like Hublot, Burger King, and FanDuel. He’s also seen with Cagau jewelry on his person. Nevertheless, the pound-for-pound king could have made millions through endorsements, but for some reason, he chooses not to do many endorsements.

James, on the other hand, has some of the most well-known brands on his side. He has a multi-million dollar shoe agreement with ‘Nike.’ Other brands like Rimowa, Walmart, GMC, AT&T, PepsiCo, and, most recently, Crypto.com are among his partners.

The list goes on. Some other major brands include 2K Sports, Beats Electronics, Kia Motors, and more. The champion is a money-making magnet and brands never leave a chance to partner with him.

Floyd Mayweather vs LeBron James: Total Career Earnings
The 45-year-old began his professional career in 1996 and has continued to set new records ever since. The athlete has made it to the top with a varied assortment of enterprises and income sources. Mayweather has a tremendous social media following, with 15 million Facebook fans, 7.8 million Twitter followers, and 28 million Instagram followers.
Furthermore, he fought MMA icon Conor McGregor before his retirement, and the entire world had its eyes etched on the fight. A fight with fighters of this magnitude made it certain that the PPV was going to skyrocket. The bout generated an amount of around $500-$700 million, and Mayweather confessed he took home $350 million.

Surprisingly, with an estimated net worth of around $450 million, the pound-for-pound king’s earnings have reached past the $1 billion mark. Very few athletes hit this milestone, but the boxer is known to achieve the impossible. With his unbeatable boxing streak, he is also the unbeatable boxer in terms of wealth.

Furthermore, LeBron James is the first active NBA player to hit $1 billion in career earnings. Being in the sport for over 20 years, the player has broken all boundaries and has prevailed over all. His earnings had reached $1 billion before, but now, his net worth alone is near $1 billion.

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Moreover, the man has involved himself in various activities and has a huge fanbase. His Instagram followers cover 123 million people worldwide, making him the most popular US sports person on the platform. Furthermore, he has 27 million Facebook followers and 21 million Twitter followers. This factors in when you realize brands pay celebrities for social media endorsements as well.

All factors included, Mayweather and James experience a storm of money, and the flow isn’t stopping any sooner.

Floyd Mayweather vs LeBron James: Most Expensive Items Owned
Here comes the most interesting part, the most expensive things owned by Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather is the epitome of living a lavish life. Mayweather has a fascination for expensive watches. He often posts pictures of his timepieces on Instagram.
‘Money’ also loves riding the most stylish automobiles. The list of his cars includes two Bugatti Veyrons, one Bugatti Grand Sport, two Ferrari 458 Spiders, a Porsche 911 Turbo S, and a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, and a Lamborghini Aventador. His car collection alone costs around $7,865,000.

In addition, one of the most expensive possessions of the ‘Pretty Boy’ is his private jet ‘Air Mayweather’. The jet has a capacity to seat around 29-30 people and it cost him $50 million. And, unsurprisingly, he has two private jets that take him around the world.

Other expensive possessions include various properties, Presidential Hotel Suites, A Bentley Golf Cart, and Lakers Floor Seats, among many other things.

LeBron James did not just get the tag ‘King James’, he justifies it by living his life king size. James bought a mansion in Ohio in 2003 that covers 35,400 square feet. The cost of the mansion is around $9-$10 million today. He also owns another mansion in Miami, Florida, spread over an area of 15,000 square feet. Located in the ultra-upper market area of Coconut Grove, the property has a valuation of $9 million.

He owns a Maybach 57S that cost him a whopping $376,300. It has an electric sliding sunroof, and a 5.5-liter V12 engine and can run as fast as 170 miles per hour. His car collection contains a variety of automobiles that include a Porsche Turbo, an Orange Jeep Wrangler, a Chevrolet Camaro SS, a Hummer H2, a Dodge Challenger SRT, and a KIA K900, and a Ferrari F430 Spider.

His other possessions include a hefty Rolex watch collection, a 2% stake in Liverpool Football Club, a Gulfstream G280 private jet worth $22 million, and many other things.

What are your thoughts about the lavish life of the two richest athletes? Share it in the comments section below.

One in every of the largest debates when it comes to NBA records is who belongs within the league’s all-time starting 5.

It’s a question that many have both been requested or given a solution to.

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards, one of the league’s rising stars, was asked the question, and he gave an interesting answer.

First, he included Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James in his all-time starting five.

But beyond that, he included another player that may have showed a touch of narcissism and even arrogance, or perhaps it was simply a joke to lend some levity to the moment.

LeBron James

One thing is for sure: There is plenty of recency bias in Edwards’ list.

The big question is whether James is the greatest small forward in basketball history. Many think he is, but there are plenty who would still put Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird in that spot.

With the Lakers’ hire of Darvin Ham as their new head coach, fans are hoping that, if the team improves its roster, James can win his fifth NBA championship ring in 12 months and solidify his standing in the annals of history.

As a minority proprietor of Liverpool, LeBron James determined to pull up to the Champions League final among the Reds and real Madrid to expose his help.

But it seems his cameo look didn’t move down too properly with some of the fanatics in Paris.

The NBA megastar was seen watching the game from the comfort of a swanky executive VIP box in the Stade de France.

Donning a fancy suit, accompanied with a Reds shirt over his shoulders, it wasn’t long before those inside the stadium began turning their attention to the Los Angeles Lakers main man.

A number of videos have since surfaced showing spectators chanting “Michael Jordan is better” in LeBron’s direction.

It’s difficult to say exactly which set of supporters were behind the brutal banter, but with LeBron having large stakes in Liverpool, you can probably hazard a wild guess at who the jeering was coming from.

In one clip, LeBron takes the stick on the chin by simply chuckling to himself before waving his hand in the fans’ direction to invite more comments.

In seperate footage, LeBron’s face appears on the big screen inside the Stade de France, sparking a chorus of boos around the famous Parisian arena.

LeBron James

And it was the Los Blancos fans who go the last laugh too with Real clinching an emphatic victory thanks to a single goal from Vinicius Jr.

It’s the fourteenth time Madrid have lifted the famous jug-eared trophy – the most out of any team in the competition’s history.

As for LeBron’s Reds, for a team that had their sights set on a historic quadruple just a few weeks ago, they now finish the season with just two domestic titles in the FA and Carabao Cup.

LeBron James’ son was slammed online for taking “a white girl” to his high school prom.

LeBron Raymone James Jr, AKA ‘Bronny’, shared a bunch of images on Instagram of himself and fellow classmate Peyton Gelfuso attending their prom together.

But instead of being happy for the 17-year-old, social media users took exception to the colour of his date’s skin and decided to bombard Bronny with abuse.

One person commented: “That girl is whiter than white bruh.”

While another added: “Welp, on the bright side, LeBron has more kids. Maybe they will do better.”

And someone in a different thread continued: “Lost another black king to a money hungry white girl… Bron gotta do better SMH.”

Meanwhile, others labelled Bronny’s date a “gold digger”.

As a result of the awful backlash, Bronny has since deleted the post.

However, LeBron’s wife Savannah’s Instagram post has remained live and some of the vile comments are still visible to see.

Despite the nasty remarks from some, most people did leap to Bronny’s defence though, condemning the comments made towards both the future NBA prospect and his date.

One of those people who came out in support of the happy couple was former NFL player Robert Griffin III who is married to Estonian athlete Grete Sadeiko.

“Bronny James upset a lot of miserable people because he decided to take a white girl to the prom as his date,” RG3 said in a video on Instagram.

“First of all, it’s 2022, what’s wrong with that? You can take an Avatar to the prom for all I care – who he chooses is who he chooses.

“Secondly, it’s giving weird energy that a bunch of grown men and women, 40 year olds, are trying to tell a 17-year-old who they think he should bring to prom.

“This has nothing to do with LeBron and Savannah not raising Bronny right and the colour of the skin of the girl he takes to prom should not matter. Leave these kids alone.”

Truly awful comments aside, the couple looked like they enjoyed themselves at the prom, arriving at the event in a $326,000 custom-print Mercedes GT sports car.

As for the unwarranted backlash they’ve faced, Bronny or LeBron himself are yet to comment.

LeBron James has lately pop out to explain which gamers he would pick to be his teammate in a 2-on-2 matchup towards the mythical duo, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. His alternatives had been clear: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, or Kyrie Irving. Glaringly, James performed with all three gamers with group america and also competed with Kyrie Irving with the aid of his aspect with the Cleveland Cavaliers. James and Irving famously won the 2016 NBA championship after making the Finals 3 times together. Manifestly, LeBron James is one of the finest pass-first players, and out of doors of Magic Johnson, he might be the satisfactory pure passer of all time.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen are regarded as the best duo in NBA history because they captured 6 NBA championships in 6 Finals appearances, while Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are both considered the best players in the game since Michael Jordan decided to hang it up after his second retirement. While James and Bryant are totally different players who play different positions, they will be able to coexist on the court at an elite level. But that begs the question, would Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have enough firepower to take on the all-time great duo of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen?

Michael and Scottie are two defensive specialists who complement each other on offense almost as well. Pippen is an exceptional playmaker, while MJ might be the single greatest scorer in NBA history. Similarly, LeBron James might be the greatest playmaker at the small forward position and even at point guard. At the same time, Kobe Bryant is a direct copy of Michael Jordan as a scorer in terms of skillset and offensive moves. To pit these all-time great players in a 2-on-2 battle, here is the breakdown of the legendary matchup.

This matchup is about pure will and skill, and this will be the most exciting matchup by far. As great as Scottie and LeBron are, they don’t have that killer will and scoring instinct that both these guys have. Interestingly, Kobe and Jordan will cancel each other out throughout the matchup, although there will be a minute difference. Jordan is recognized as an obsessed winner and an ultra competitor, while Kobe Bryant followed in his footsteps to inherit the same mindset and killer will. Kobe wanted to eliminate all competition and wanted to be the single greatest player ever, something MJ was as soon as he stepped foot on an NBA court.

MJ and Kobe will go like for like, without much to separate them in terms of offensive production. MJ has the efficiency and patience on offense, while Kobe Bryant has the tendency to make difficult shots around the court. MJ might be the slightly better player thanks to his efficiency and larger physique, but Kobe Bryant will not go down without a fight, and this matchup will be very even to the naked eye. The edge goes to Jordan slightly because he is slightly larger than Kobe and will be able to get a few extra defensive stops, which will be critical in this matchup that will go the distance where a major stop will be needed to end the game.

This matchup will be about complementing hungry superstar shooting guards. LeBron James has never been a sidekick in his career, but has always played with an elite scorer to handle the offense and normally take the big shots in clutch moments. So when playing with a score-first player in Kobe Bryant, James will simply do what he has always done when playing with elite stars such as Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving, and Anthony Davis. Not to mention, The King will play a similar role to Scottie Pippen in terms of making plays for the superstar shooting guard teammate.

Pippen is one of the best sidekicks in NBA history and made his name and his fame with his lockdown defense and playmaking alongside Michael Jordan. Scottie is an unselfish star that wants to win as much as Jordan, which makes him a formidable opponent in a 2-on-2 matchup. Pippen’s value will come directly on defense because he and Jordan will make lives difficult for both Kobe and James on the floor. Scottie and LeBron play a similar style, although LeBron James is just a better player. LeBron is stronger and more athletic and is a step above Scottie with his playmaking and all-around scoring as well. James does not possess Pippen’s defensive prowess, but his ability to attack the rim with force and encourage Michael to help out at times leaves Bryant with the space he needs to get buckets. As great as Pippen is alongside Michael, James has the advantage.

Game Breakdown
This one will go down to the wire. MJ and Kobe will lead both of their squads in scoring, while LeBron and Pippen lead in assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks. Stats aside, this will be a back-and-forth all game long. MJ and Kobe will trade buckets throughout the game, with a Win-By-2 looking obvious from the very start of the matchup. Both duos are just too close in terms of talent and impact, and it will be destined to go down to the wire.

The physical presence and the all-around talents of James and Pippen will also come into play in this matchup, as they will play critical roles in making key plays on defense and in rebounding the basketball. As the largest players on the court, James and Pippen will make this matchup one of the most exciting in sports history. With the stage set, let’s find out who wins this all-time great matchup by placing each competitor in a matchup to the score of 21 (Win by 2).

0-1 Michael Jordan gets an early basket by pulling up from mid-range over LeBron James. It’s clear that Pippen and Jordan will utilize the pick-n’ roll when needed.

0-2 MJ gets another bucket. This time, Kobe plays him too tight, and Jordan gets past him only to pump fake and drill a 15-footer.

0-3 Jordan gets a third bucket in a row. This time, he attacks to the left of the basket and finishes a tough layup around LeBron James. The crowd begins “oohs and ahhs” because Jordan has already set the tone of the matchup.

1-3 Finally, James and Bryant score as The King tips in a missed Bryant jumper over an extended Scottie Pippen. This was a big shot because the game was looking out of hand early.

1-4 Scottie gets his first bucket of the game, contesting a Bryant jumper effectively well and coming up with the rebound. He takes advantage of a misstep by James and uses his explosiveness to score at the rim thanks to a one-handed dunk.

2-4 James and Bryant wake up, as The King acts as a decoy by cutting to the rim, which gives Bryant the space to drain a long-range mid-range jumper.

4-4 MJ misses a fadeaway jumper and James pulls down the rebound, and immediately finds Bryant who swishes a contested 3-pointer to tie the game from the corner.

5-4 James gets his second bucket by pump faking and drilling a nice jumper, swishing it through the net over the outstretched Scottie Pippen.

5-5 Jordan comes up with a steal on Bryant and gets an easy layup. LeBron tries to challenge Joran’s shot, but Pippen gets away with a little nudge that throws The King off balance.

6-5 James backs MJ down and doesn’t manage to get too far inside before draining a very tough fadeaway shot. Jordan smirks and daps up The King, something that could be deadly when he gets the ball back.

7-5 Kobe uses his own body this time, backing MJ down and finishing with his patented fadeaway jumper, even with Pippen scrambling to contest as well. The game is officially on.

8-5 Once again, James attacks the rim with force and finishes a tough layup over Pippen. The King calls for isolation and puts his head down to draw contact and finish. With a 3-point deficit out of their favor, Jordan and Pippen share some words.

8-6 Following a LeBron James missed a jumper, Jordan completely puzzles Bryant and James. He jab steps, attacks to the right, pulls back and drains a long mid-range shot to get his side back on the board.

8-7 Jordan attacks Kobe’s weaker foot and finishes with the up and under. It seems MJ is getting hot, as Bryant also shares some words with The King.

9-7 MJ tries to get his third bucket in a row, backing James down and using his fadeaway but Bryant comes up with a sneaky block. James takes advantage to finish at the rim.

10-7 James gets Jordan to miss and attacks both players to find Kobe for a 2-pointer…but his foot is on the line.

11-7 James does it again, this time finishing at the rim. What a shot by James, as he absorbs contact and still manages to swish a shot by falling to his left.

12-7 Kobe Bryant jab steps, and drains a straight-on jumper over his idol to take a 5-point lead. With Bryant smirking at Jordan’s expense, the GOAT wakes up.

12-8 James explodes to the rim, but Michael comes up with a steal. The shooting guard jabs and takes a jumper, only to find Scottie at the rim for an easy bucket.

12-9 James smothers Jordan, barely giving him an inch of space. But Jordan keeps calm and collected before delivering his fadeaway jumper right in LeBron’s face. That was simply a tough shot by Jordan.

12-10 Scottie Pippen hits a very tough shot over LeBron James. This is turning into a shootout, as Pippen takes one dribble and swishes a jumper while taking a step back.

12-11 MJ fakes right, then attacks left before pulling up for an easy jumper against the outstretched arms of Kobe Bryant.

12-12 Jordan once again steps back for a jumper, but is stuffed by James! Jordan recovers the shot, dishes to Pippen, and receives a pass back to flush down a jam with both Bryant and James avoiding a poster.

12-13 Jordan has seemingly had enough. He remains in the triple threat position for a few seconds, then explodes right. Kobe keeps up but sags a little too much and MJ makes him pay with another jumper.

12-14 Jordan once again keeps in triple threat position, but this time attacks left. He makes Bryant pay for keeping too tight and squeezes in another bucket close to the basket.

12-16 MJ jab steps, and drains a long-range jumper. MJ is well within his groove, and Kobe and James have a quick chat about cutting Jordan off from the lane and forcing Pippen to beat them.

13-16 Kobe and James cut MJ off, and Pippen misses a mid-range jumper. That leaves James with the idea of controlling the pace, only focusing on getting good shots up. He posts up Pippen and finds Kobe for a jumper.

14-16 In the most fitting fashion, Bryant uses his fadeaway jumper to score against Pippen in a quick pick-n’ roll action.

15-16 Once again, Bryant drains a jumper but this time, he has to do it thanks to a LeBron James offensive rebound. The King begins focusing on his all-around game and gifts Bryant a second chance to cut the deficit to 1 point.

17-16 LeBron James gives his side the lead with a step-back 2-pointer, fooling Scottie with his intention to attack the rim and instead gets 2 points to give his side the lead.

18-16 LeBron scores again, this time by going in the post and backing down Scottie for a tough finish around the rim.

18-17 Pippen responds with a step-back jumper to prove he will not go down without a fight.

18-18 MJ scores again after a brief hiatus, this time taking Kobe in the block and nailing a fadeaway jumper.

19-18 Following an MJ miss, Kobe does the same by taking his idol in the post and draining a tough fallaway jumper that bounces around a few times.

20-18 After heavy contact, Scottie barely misses a layup with Bryant coming at the last second to hit Pippen on the arm and also get some ball. No foul is called, and James finishes with a layup with Pippen distracted.

20-20 Michael grabs the rebound off a Bryant miss and then drains a very deep 2-pointer to tie the game. The game must be won by 2, meaning “overtime” will be necessary.

22-20 Surprisingly, the jumper is made by none other than LeBron James. Pippen misses a mid-range shot, with Bryant coming up with the rebound. Kobe pump fakes the three and instead of forcing a shot, finds James, who nails the game-winning 2-pointer.

The final score is 22-20 for Bryant and James. Michael was simply unstoppable on offense, but the difference was that Bryant and James made more shots than the opposing competitors. Pippen struggles to make enough shots, and he has some issues with James’ size when The King attacks the rim.

Kobe Bryant And Michael Break Even, But LeBron Makes The Difference
The matchup could have gone either way. Michael has the hot hand throughout the matchup, and if not for the clever secondary contest to force passes to Scottie, James and Bryant might not have had a chance. But the pairing of James and Kobe usurps that of MJ and Pippen, mainly because Jordan and Bryant are so similar and James is simply a better player than Scottie.

There is no doubt that MJ, LeBron, and Kobe are top-10 players of all time while Scottie is ranked somewhere in the top-30 or top-35. Michael is the best player in the matchup, but Kobe cuts it close while James has a pretty wide advantage over Pippen. That ultimately proves the difference because having that extra bit of shot-making ends the game.

Overall, LeBron James is one of the greatest players ever and his decision to select Kobe Bryant over Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant is very warranted because The Black Mamba has far more experience in big games than either of them. Not to mention, unlike a slender KD and a smaller Irving, Bryant can go toe-to-toe with MJ better than anyone else in history, giving James the extra help he needs to focus on dominating his own matchup against Scottie Pippen.

In what has been an otherwise brilliant season, the Phoenix Suns shocked the arena with their performance in game 7 on Sunday. They had been sluggish out of the gate, and they appeared lethargic all night long and played thru a whole blowout before the final buzzer formally removed their identify hopes.

After appearing carried out all season lengthy, fanatics could not help but convey back some thing LeBron James attempted to warn them about in advance:

“Stay humble now, stay humble. You was at home a year and a half ago. Now you wanna pop off? C’mon.”

We see this with teams all the time. They have a good regular season and make a lot of noise before being humbled in the playoffs, where everything gets harder.

Unfortunately, the Suns fell victim to that cycle this year and will have a lot to think about over the next few weeks. The worst part of it all is that the guy who beat them (Luka Doncic) is the guy they could have picked back in 2017 when they used their no. 1 pick to sign Deandre Ayton:

“You passed up Luka to get this guy,” said ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. “If center is such a devalued position, you were a dumb*ss then! I have been told by multiple people in the PHX organization that [picking Ayton] was a total Robert Sarver move. It sure wasn’t Igor! He wanted them obviously to get Luka, and to put a big offer on the table for Clint Capela. Who is ironically now one of the leverage points that the Suns have, if you want to make Capela-Ayton comps.”

With Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, Jae Crowder, and others, the Suns have a solid core of veterans and youngsters that can keep them competitive for years. But what will it take to go all the way? With multiple failed attempts at a title, major changes could be coming to the team. They may never be the same after this loss.

They should have listened to LeBron about staying humble because they are finding out for themselves how hard it is to close the deal and succeed when the lights are brightest.

While la Lakers star LeBron James is well-known for what he does at the basketball court docket, his involvement in any other recreation could go omitted.

The yank regularly takes to social media to share his love for optimal League giants Liverpool and he is got more reasons than one to cheer them on.

LeBron James and his ties to the Reds have existed for over a decade. The Sporting News explains his involvement in the club, first taking root via an inspired business deal that has only grown his passion for Liverpool Football Club.

Does LeBron James own Liverpool?
A key reason for James’s love for the Reds is the fact he’s held a minority ownership stake in the club since 2011.

As part of a sponsorship deal with Fenway Sports Group (FSG) at the time, the basketball star secured two percent of Liverpool for £4.7 million ($6.5m) alongside business partner Maverick Carter.

James watched a game at Anfield following his acquisition and was taken by the support for the club.

“One of the single best experiences of my life! The excitement that these fans have is like no other,” James said.

In 2021, James’s stake in the club was increased by an undisclosed amount after he became an official part of the FSG ownership group.

Carter was also added to the group and admitted he and James always saw themselves becoming more involved.

“Working with Fenway Sports Group for the past decade has taught LeBron and me so much about the business on a global scale, and we’ve always believed it would lead to something bigger,” Carter said.

“We are proud to be part of this iconic ownership group and are excited about the opportunities that come with that to continue creating change and empowering people of every race, gender and background to be part of the process.”

Is LeBron James a Liverpool fan? Will he be at the Champions League final?
Considering his ownership stake, it’s no surprise that James is a fully-fledged fan of Liverpool.

The four-time NBA champion and MVP is regularly seen sporting Reds gear and often takes to social media to celebrate the team’s success.

Although James would be a guest of honor at the final as one of Liverpool’s owners, that didn’t stop former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher to extend an invitation to Paris where the Reds will face Real Madrid.

“LeBron, if you want to come to Paris you can join us and the CBS team and you can be my guest. I’m pitchside and I want you next to us in Paris,” Carragher said.

“Give us the support we need to win that seventh European Cup. Come and join us big man!”

LeBron James’ Liverpool bet has paid off
When LeBron first got involved with the Reds in April 2011, the club were going through a rough patch on the field.

Liverpool finished sixth in the Premier League and failed to win a trophy across the 2010-11 season, notably being knocked out of the League Cup by Northampton Town.

Fast forward just over a decade and Jurgen Klopp’s side are making a bold bid to win every trophy on offer.

The Reds have since also ended their 30-year league title drought and lifted the Champions League once again since James got on board.

Performances on and off the pitch have seen Liverpool’s overall value soar, with James’s initial stake now reportedly worth close to 10 times the amount he paid for it over a decade ago.