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Serena Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam champion, is one of the most skilled players of all time. Many believe that she has every rule and every shot of tennis engraved in her mind. A person is bound to set that analogy when looking at her accomplishment. However, it’s not true.

The lady who participated in tours for over 25 years doesn’t really know the names of the grips of which she is called a master. In a recent interview, she, in presence of Lewis Hamilton, disclosed the same. Williams openly admitted that she simply used what worked for her.

Serena Williams’ game didn’t rely on the specifications of grips and shots
While having a fun conversation during the US Grand Prix, the F1 legend and Williams’ close friend Hamilton introduced the topic of grips. He said, “I was working on the forearm. The western grip.” To which everyone chuckled and then he looked at the former World No 1 and questioned. “You had the Serena grip?”

Serena not knowing the name of her forehand grip after playing tennis for over 30 years is so funny to me 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/Y2822jCfwf

— Shanice. (@shanicebajin) October 25, 2022

“I just hold it and it goes. I never thought about it, I have no idea about it,” a slightly puzzled Williams said. Hamilton has been friends with Serena and Venus for years. He has attended their important matches and vice versa.

The most recent example of this is the Williams sisters’ decision of flying to Miami to cheer for the Brit in the Miami Grand Prix. Dolled in floral summer dresses, they walked hand-in-hand at the GP based in Hard rock stadium, the home of the Miami Open. Also, Serena’s husband Alexis Ohanian, who is a big Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton fan, was present at the event.

What is Williams up to these days?

The seven times Wimbledon champion hung her racket after testing her luck on the hard courts of the US Open this season. Williams made it up to the round of 32 and with teary eyes, stepped into the second phase of her life, to give time to her daughter and work on expanding her business both vertically and horizontally.

Williams recently took part in the Converge22, a crypto ecosystem conference held in San Francisco. She shared her wide-ranging insights and expertise with the aspiring entrepreneur.