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Fans credit LIV Golf and Phil Mickelson for the new changes within the Tours
LIV Golf was the first golf league to offer guaranteed money for its players. The DP and PGA Tours were against the Saudi-backed league’s this scheme. However, many are accusing that they are following the same now with the introduction of their new programs.

regardless of your thoughts on LIV, no denying a lot of good has come from them existing right?

— Chris Podymaitis (@cpodymaitis) November 3, 2022

“Now, let’s go back to ridiculing the tour that helped every professional golfer in the world get more money.”

— Sekrah Sports (@sekrah) November 3, 2022

Competition breeds excellence

— Hellacious Bombs (@hellacious_bomb) November 3, 2022

thanks Greg. I would be very careful signing up for the card and accepting that though as I’m sure there will be a little small print that legally bans players from even speaking with LIV. Be very careful you read the terms PROS

— LIVBOT (@steven1976a) November 3, 2022

Maybe those players should thank Phil and LIV.

— Billy Sanchez (@Bsanchez2121) November 3, 2022

Phil was right

— Ian Welker (@iancwelker007) November 3, 2022

Will Phil end up having a bigger impact on all golfer’s paychecks than Tiger? Hard to imagine this being the case a year or two ago but I don’t know that you can deny it now.

— Zachary Dosch (@zacharydosch) November 3, 2022

All pro golfers should be sending @PhilMickelson whatever bottles of wine he wants

— John Peterson (@JohnPetersonFW) November 3, 2022

Phil Mickelson was one of the first golfers to start supporting the Invitational Series of LIV Golf. He was also the first to question the financial dealings of the Tour. This has made him distant from the PGA Tour and many of its loyalists. However, now that the fans allege the Tours have followed the same path, some even asked the Tour players to thank Mickelson for helping them to get such benefits.

The golf legend had made a few unacceptable statements about the PGA Tour and later apologized for the same. However, his apology didn’t change his decision to leave the PGA Tour and switch to LIV Golf. And when his fans questioned his decision, the golfer took to Twitter to respond to them. Mickelson said that after successfully spending the last 32 years on the former tour, he was looking for a “fresh start”. He also mentioned that LIV Golf was “transformative” for him and other golfers.

What is Mickelson’s greatest accomplishment?

Mickelson is counted among the most successful players in the history of golf. Although he received some hate after he shifted to LIV Golf, his fans still love his swinging skills. The golfer has always been thankful for his fans and their support. However, there is something else that Mickelson loves and rarely talks about. And it’s none other than his beautiful family.

In an interview with Golf.com, Mickelson was asked about what his greatest accomplishment was. And his response left all his fans with a great deal of respect for him. The golfer said, “the success on the golf course… Amy, and three kids grow up together in a loving home…have a successful family life and a successful career is probably my greatest accomplishment.”

Mickelson has always admitted that the person behind his success is his wife ,Amy Mickelson. According to Lefty, Amy has been a constant support for the player and has motivated him to do better each time. “She’s an incredible wife and incredible mother. And I just couldn’t do it without her”, Mickelson said. He also mentioned that his wife and kids always accompanied him to all his tournaments. And that he was very thankful for the career he had which gave him a chance to travel around the world.