Muirfield Village


The 2022 Memorial is currently underway on the Muirfield Village golfing membership. Moreover, Billy Horschel leads the event going into the final day. But, whilst we speak approximately the Memorial, we always take into account Tiger Woods. The legendary golfer has dominated this event like no other and has won Memorial five instances in his career.

Meanwhile, he has even played some memorable and breathtaking shots in this event, along with tournament wins. And one such stroke is from the 1999 Memorial on the final day. Tiger was in the thick rough around the green. Meanwhile, Woods duffed his next shot as he tried to play a flop shot, as there was a severe slope towards the pond.

Therefore, the ball fell in the rough, and it looked like Tiger will at least get a bogey on this troublesome par-4 14th hole. Meanwhile, for the next shot, Woods decided to go with the chip shot, and he used the slope of the green to perfection. The landing spot and pace of the ball were to perfection as the ball rolled inside the cup, and Tiger saved an incredible par.

Meanwhile, the tournament host Jack Nicklaus was commentating while this happened. Jack was impressed, and he couldn’t put his emotions into words while describing. Eventually, Tiger Woods went on to win the event, which was the first Memorial victory of his career. Additionally, Woods won this event four times after this, and he currently has five Memorial trophies.

Tiger Woods

When will Tiger Woods play again?
We saw Tiger Woods at the 2022 PGA Championship. However, he struggled a lot with fitness as his injured leg during the recent solo car crash hasn’t recovered yet. Therefore, the 15-time major championship winner withdrew from the PGA Championship after round three. His pain and struggle while playing shots and walking were visible, especially in the second and third rounds.

Meanwhile, we haven’t heard anything from Woods as of now, with the next major just around the corner. Furthermore, Tiger had already committed to the 150th Open at St. Andrews. Hence, he might take a break and recover well before going to Europe for the final major championship of the year.

However, when it comes to Tiger Woods, we can’t predict anything. He might as well compete in the US Open and surprise everyone. So what do you think? Should Tiger play the U.S. Open or take a rest and get fit for the 150th Open Championship? So let us know in the comments section below.