NBA franchise


Having currently come to be the first energetic NBA participant to make Forbes’ billionaire listing, it appears as although LeBron James has set his points of interest on owning a group in Las Vegas.

The King, who overlooked out on the playoffs for just the fourth time in his 19-yr profession, already has a stake in Fenway sports institution, which owns Liverpool, among other franchises

He previously stated his goal is to own an NBA franchise “sooner or later”, with his most recent comments confirming that.

While speaking on Uninterrupted’s ‘The Shop’, James made it clear he wants to be the one that brings a franchise to Las Vegas.

“I want to buy a team, for sure,” he said.

“I want a team in Vegas. I want the team in Vegas.”

The city has welcomed teams in the WNBA, NHL and NFL in recent years and, judging by James’ statement, it seems an NBA franchise isn’t far behind.

A great 12 months for LeBron James
Despite failing to reach the NBA playoffs, the past 12 months have been great for James.

LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers star earned 121.2 million dollars before taxes and agent fees, helping him become a billionaire while still playing.

That landmark will no doubt help him in his goal to become an owner, especially as he’s made it known he’d rather take on that role than that of a TV analyst.