After making such harsh statements about the golf star, Perez tried to explain what he actually meant. Perez said, “he can’t beat anyone is that he only shows up to tournaments when he thinks he can win,”. However, it was pretty clear from his early statements what he was trying to say about Woods.

He even said that no one wanted to see Woods compete in professional golf again. However, during his clarification, Perez said that his words might have sounded “harsh”. But all he meant was that Woods must be hurt since he was performing poorly in the past few tournaments. Woods and Perez have never gotten along ever since the golfer made these statements about the 15-major major champion.

There was a time when Perez took a shot at his old buddy Woods and said, “He knows he cannot beat anybody,”. According to the golfer, Woods was only playing pro golf to keep his name relevant for brand and sponsorship purposes. However, Woods soon won another major and shut the mouths of all his critics with his golf club.