Royal Liverpool


Swing Coach Hank Haney recalled Tiger Woods and his performance at the 2006 Royal Liverpool. Woods had an interesting performance that summer. He was calm, he didn’t want to take any chances, but in the end, he won the title again and confirmed the qualities that were already talked about a lot at the time.

“That week was far and away the best ball-striking tournament he ever had,” swing coach Hank Haney told The Scotsman later. A few months ago, his father Earl passed away. It had a big impact on Woods, but he didn’t let himself be distracted and concentrated on his performance and victory.

The moments after the victory were quite emotional. “He was always on my case about thinking my way around the golf course and not letting emotions get the better of you, because it’s so very easy to do in this sport,” Woods said. “He would have been very proud”.

Tiger Woods and press conference: “I just wish he could have..”
Tiger Woods also had an emotional press conference after the match. It was felt that it was not easy for him, but his will and desire to win were key in the whole story.

Woods confirmed that emotions were strong. Even a person like him, emotionally stable and strong, had problems at certain moments. “I guess I’m kind of the one who bottles things up a little bit and moves on, tries to deal with things in my own way.

But at that moment it just came pouring out and of all the things that my father has meant to me and the game of golf,” he said afterward. “I just wish he could have seen it one more time”. After 2006, Woods dominated the golf scene and showed that he is one of the greatest sportsmen ever. We hope for his return as soon as possible.