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If responses is what Drake wanted by calling out multiple people on his Her Loss album with 21 Savage, he should be more than satisfied with the results. The latest person to respond to being dissed by Drizzy is Serena Williams’ husband, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, who got inexplicably dissed by Aubrey on the new album.

Drake sent multiple shots on his new joint effort with 21 Savage, including outright dissing Ohanian on the album cut “Middle of the Ocean.” “I swear you don’t even mean what y’all say like y’all dubbin’ a movie/Sidebar, Serena, your husband a groupie,” Drake raps. “He claim we don’t got a problem but/No, boo, it is like you comin’ for sushi/We might pop up on ’em at will like Suzuki.”

Ohanian addressed the slight in a tweet in a Twitter thread this afternoon, which was initially about his business prowess but turned into a response to Drake.

“The reason I stay winning is because I’m relentless about being the absolute best at whatever I do — including being the best groupie for my wife & daughter,” Ohanian wrote.

It is unclear why Drake sent a shot Ohanian’s way. Drake and Serena dated for some time in the mid-2010s.

This is the third response Drake has gotten from something he rapped on Her Loss. On the track, “Circo Loco,” he appeared to shade Kanye West by implying he only performed with Ye at the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert last year in Chicago at the behest of J Prince. Drake got a reaction from Megan Thee Stallion after dropping bars on the same song that seem to imply Megan lied about being shot in 2020.

Stephen A. Smith ranks Serena over Tiger Woods
As per Smith, Serena Williams’ athletic contribution is more than American golf legend Tiger Woods. However, the reason he gave is very interesting. Here’s what he said.

“I’m going to say something that’s gonna be controversial, but it ain’t to me. I put her ahead of Tiger because Tiger didn’t embrace his blackness. She did, and that brought more adversity her way. He did not. So people were more receptive to him. That counts for Serena, in my opinion. And by the way, I don’t care what anybody says to refute that. I’m not listening.”

Serena definitely has faced various difficulties in life. However, the way she kept her head high and moved past all those hurdles is incredibly inspirational.

Serena Williams was once trolled for her muscular body

Even after achieving almost everything she could have in tennis, there still are certain negatives Serena would like to forget. A few trolls targeted the 23-time Grand Slam champion for her body. The former world number one has a muscular physique, and it works a great deal in her game as she flexes her muscles to generate power.

However, the trolls mocked Serena, saying she was born a guy. However, the legendary tennis player didn’t pay any heed to the negativity and instead came up with a statement that she is proud of her body.

Serena Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam champion, is one of the most skilled players of all time. Many believe that she has every rule and every shot of tennis engraved in her mind. A person is bound to set that analogy when looking at her accomplishment. However, it’s not true.

The lady who participated in tours for over 25 years doesn’t really know the names of the grips of which she is called a master. In a recent interview, she, in presence of Lewis Hamilton, disclosed the same. Williams openly admitted that she simply used what worked for her.

Serena Williams’ game didn’t rely on the specifications of grips and shots
While having a fun conversation during the US Grand Prix, the F1 legend and Williams’ close friend Hamilton introduced the topic of grips. He said, “I was working on the forearm. The western grip.” To which everyone chuckled and then he looked at the former World No 1 and questioned. “You had the Serena grip?”

Serena not knowing the name of her forehand grip after playing tennis for over 30 years is so funny to me 😂😂 pic.twitter.com/Y2822jCfwf

— Shanice. (@shanicebajin) October 25, 2022

“I just hold it and it goes. I never thought about it, I have no idea about it,” a slightly puzzled Williams said. Hamilton has been friends with Serena and Venus for years. He has attended their important matches and vice versa.

The most recent example of this is the Williams sisters’ decision of flying to Miami to cheer for the Brit in the Miami Grand Prix. Dolled in floral summer dresses, they walked hand-in-hand at the GP based in Hard rock stadium, the home of the Miami Open. Also, Serena’s husband Alexis Ohanian, who is a big Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton fan, was present at the event.

What is Williams up to these days?

The seven times Wimbledon champion hung her racket after testing her luck on the hard courts of the US Open this season. Williams made it up to the round of 32 and with teary eyes, stepped into the second phase of her life, to give time to her daughter and work on expanding her business both vertically and horizontally.

Williams recently took part in the Converge22, a crypto ecosystem conference held in San Francisco. She shared her wide-ranging insights and expertise with the aspiring entrepreneur.

‘Second Service’ tennis news: Serena Williams insists she’s not retired, Nadal to play in Paris and Turin

Looking back on the big tennis news in our exclusive ‘Second Service’… Serena Williams not ruling out a return to tennis, as Nadal’s coach confirms that Rafa will play in Turin and Paris, and more.

To start this tennis news roundup, Serena Williams has dropped further hints that she may return to professional tennis despite turning 41 last month.

While she had written an essay describing herself as ‘evolving away from tennis’ the racket is not well and truly hung up according to Williams.

“The chances (of a return) are very high,” she said at a conference promoting her investment company, Serena Ventures. “You can come to my house, I have a court.

“I am not retired.”

In other tennis news, Rafael Nadal will return to play the Paris Masters and ATP Finals according to his coach Carlos Moya.

The 22-time Slam champion has only played Laver Cup doubles since exiting in the fourth round of the US Open in early September. While doubt surrounded Nadal as to whether he would continue in 2022, Moya suggested his compatriot has been training well for a comeback

“Before arriving in Turin, you have to play matches in Paris, which are similar,” Moya told Balearic television station IB3.

Furthermore, Simona Halep would never to her own knowledge take a banned substance according to her former coach Darren Cahill.

The Australian said so in support of his former charge as the two-time Slam champion received a provisional suspension after testing positive for Roxadustat at the US Open. Halep is adamant that she would never cheat to gain an advantage, and Cahill agrees.

“Even though I’m no longer working with Simona, I’d like to speak clearly to the person I know and the athlete that I worked with for 6 years,” Cahill begins a caption on his Instagram. “Firstly, and most importantly, there is NO chance Simona knowingly or purposely took any substance on the banned list. None. Zero.”

To conclude, Novak Djokovic will compete for a record-extending seventh Paris Masters title ahead of the season-ending Finals in Turin. his coach Goran Ivanisevic suggested the question remained as to whether he would play in Paris. Now the man himself has answered that question.

“I’m going to Paris,” he told Sportal. “I am preparing for the last two tournaments of the year, the Paris Masters and the ATP Finals. I feel good.

“These last two competitions, in Astana and Tel Aviv, and the titles won have raised my level of confidence as well as my motivation.”

Serena Williams can easily be called one of the greatest Tennis players of all time.
The insanely talented player is known for her skilled performances every time she hits the court.
All this does not happen easily and requires immense hard work.
Here is a peek into her diet plan and fitness routine, which keeps her going.
Here is what our expert says
Serena Williams has a tall muscular physique, which is a combination of good genes and a great work ethic.
She takes a well-balanced diet and is very regular with her workout regime which consists of a mix of cardio, exercises that focus on core muscles, and strength and conditioning for the limbs.
She continued the routine through pregnancy to win her 7th Australian Open.

Staying healthy
Understanding the G.O.A.T’s fitness goals
Every body type and their livelihood demands a separate diet and exercise plan.
Williams is almost 180 centimeters tall and weighs an average of 70kg.
Unlike several other athletes, Serena Williams is not a fitness freak, but she works out to stay healthy and prevent injuries.
She is known to maintain a high metabolic rate to rid her body of excess fat.
Strength training
She does strength training and loves Zumba
Since the early 2000s, she has been working with trainer Mackie Shilstone.
She starts with a 10-minute warm-up with some form of cardio like running, swimming, or Zumba her personal favorite.
Then comes strength training exercises for arms, core, legs, etc.
Her pregnancy workout wasn’t too different. Depending on one’s muscle memory, women can work out during pregnancy but must consult a doctor first.


Developing abs
Serena Williams’s workout routine
She is particularly known for her perfect abs and booty. Her abs are considered one of the best among tennis players.
If you aim to develop abs like her, Shilstone recommends you perform planks with a row using a resistance band.
Quick 100-meter runs, TRX, medicine ball side planks, and medicine ball squats are also great for building a strong abdomen.
What Serena Williams’s diet plan looks like
She eats plant-based foods, like beans, legumes, veggies, fruit, nuts, and whole grains.
However, besides chia seeds and hemp, which are great sources of protein, she sometimes eats chicken.
For breakfast, she eats oats, strawberries, and almond butter, besides some supplements.
Williams eats a veg sandwich without cheese or a brown bread sandwich with nut butter for a mid-morning snack.

Pre-match carbs
Serena Williams’s pre-match diet
Her lunch consists of refreshing salads and lemon juice.
In the evenings, occasionally, she has grilled chicken with green tea or low-sugar lemonade.
For dinner, she usually eats brown rice, salad, and vegetables.
On nights prior to a match, she consumes a dinner loaded with carbs like pasta or rice.
She likes to have a healthy mix of all food groups before her match.

Further to the consistent controversy over the hard measure followed, the organizers of Wimbledon will must do without severa stars. In truth, there could be no wonder go back in each the men’s and girls’s tournaments.

Roger Federer did not join up for the London event; an event which, thinking about the absences of Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev and the injury of Alexander Zverev, need to give up 3 pinnacle ten. There will also be illustrious defections within the ladies’s event, thinking about that Aryna Sabalenka, Victoria Azarenka, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Daria Kasatkina, Veronika Kudermetova, Liudmila Samsonova and Aliaksandra Sasnovich will no longer take part within the 0.33 important of 2022.

Further bad news also came from the entry list. Serena Williams and her sister Venus, who have won the tournament 12 times together (7 Serena Williams, 5 Venus Williams, ed) will not take the court on the All England Club lawns.


The future of Serena Williams, in particular, is increasingly in doubt. The American champion played her last match at Wimbledon last year, when she was forced to retire 3-3 against Aliaksandra Sasnovich due to an injury to her right leg.

Serena Williams has denied rumors about her retirement, but she has nevertheless specified that she is ready to leave the world of tennis: “I am ready for this day, to be honest I have been for more than a decade. I think it is very important to always have a plan and I always have.

In life there is balance and some days are more difficult than others. It’s certainly harder now that I’m a mother and wife, because I want to be able to spend time with my family.” So Wimbledon 2022 continues to lose pieces, both on and off the court.

The ATP and the WTA have decided to punish the organizers of the London Slam, who have chosen to exclude Russian and Belarusian tennis players, and have determined that no points will be awarded. “The possibility for players of all nationalities to participate in tournaments, based on merit and without discrimination is fundamental for the Tour,” reads the harsh statement issued by the leaders of world tennis.

“The decision that Wimbledon made and which prevents Russians and Belarusians from playing in the United Kingdom undermines our principles and the integrity of the ATP. In the absence of a change in circumstances, it is with great regret and reluctance that we see no other option but to remove the ATP and WTA ranking points from Wimbledon for 2022.”

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian have in no way subsidized far from voicing their critiques regarding social issues. Specifically, Alexis Ohanian acknowledges the significance of spending time with their kid, Olympia Ohanian.

Furthermore, Ohanian makes sure to let the world understand the role of fathers, as he, recently, stressed the importance of family paid leave.

Alexis Ohanian took to Twitter to share his interview with Esquire. He talked about the importance of fathers in shaping the lives of their kids. He shared the tweet and stated, “I’m grateful for every chance I get to normalize #BusinessDad life and I hope every American gets access to #PaidFamilyLeave and every dad in particular has the confidence to take advantage of it.”

How did Serena Williams make Ohanian realize the importance of spending time with family?
In the interview, he talked about the complications during Serena Williams’ process of childbirth. This made him realize that Serena Williams and their newborn needed his presence more than at work.


He said, “The switch flipped in 2017, when Serena had a difficult childbirth with life-threatening complications. There was no way I would want anyone to go through something like that and think, Do I stay here with my wife and newborn or do I go back to work?”

Developing an unshakeable bond with his daughter
He understood the importance of being present for them. Therefore, at Reddit too, he made sure that fathers also got paid family leave. Serena’s husband said, “It undoubtedly created strong bonds with not just my daughter, but with my wife. Me being able to rise to that occasion-changing diapers, feeding, cleaning, because paid leave was an option for me at Reddit, where I was the executive chairman at the time-meant a better health outcome for Serena and our daughter.”

Serena Williams is one of the quality tennis players of all time. The yankee has received 23 Majors and has been dominating the tennis global for over two a long time now. The forty years old met the love of her life, Alexis Ohanian, inside the year 2015 at a resort in Rome and shortly fell in love.

Subsequently, the power couple got married in 2017, after the birth of their daughter Olympia. Alexis is a businessperson and had no connection with tennis in any way. This surprises people as to how the two met and connected with each other. In a recent interview, Ohanian narrated a funny story of how the two bonded with each other.

How Did Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian Bond?
Alexis Ohanian appeared as a guest on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ where he narrated a funny story about himself and Serena. When they went out together exploring Paris. Alexis revealed an incident related to a dead bunny that happened in the zoo. Which made him realize that the two have some kind of connection with each other.

“There was this big cat like a leopard, a majestic creature. And then it was feeding time they threw out a bunny. It was a dead bunny. But it was a show and this leopard just went in and blood is going everywhere. And she’s very romantic, and she’s standing in front of me and I can tell she is really unsettled by it. I said it’s cool; we are going to keep going but in that moment I said there’s a connection and in that moment thanks to that poor rabbit; I found love.” He said.

Everyone present in the studio burst out in laughter after hearing the weird, yet funny, incident


The couple is married for almost four years now. And Alexis certainly has influenced Serena with his brilliant business mind. The 40 years old, has been very active on the business front lately with her firm Serena Ventures investing in a lot of young enterprises all over the world.

The former world number one has been away from tennis for quite some time now. She last played in the Wimbledon2021.
Though, the legend has been using the time away from the tennis pretty well. As she has invested in over 60 companies as an angel investor. Serena started the venture capital firm Serena Ventures eight years ago. Although the company is still in the initial growing phase, it has raised an initial fund of $111 million.

Serena Williams will turn forty one this September, but the American’s household will now not play host to massive celebrations. Raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, each the 23-time Grand Slam champion in addition to her sister Venus Williams adhere strictly to the religion’s perception and obstain from such ostentatious activities.

For the ones unaware, Jehovah’s Witnesses are a sub-sect of Christianity and has a membership of just about 9 million humans.

In addition to rejecting the popular Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity (one God existing in three equal forms), the denomination also prohibits observing holidays like Easter, Christmas, birthdays or any festival with pagan origins.

In an interview with Vogue magazine back in 2015, the former World No. 1 revealed that she wasn’t really a big practitioner of the religion but that she wanted to “get back into it.”

“Being a Jehovah’s Witness is important to me, but I’ve never really practiced it and have been wanting to get into it,” Williams said.

In 2018, when her daughter Olympia turned one, Williams disclosed that she would not be hosting a birthday party. Instead, the 40-year-old ended up throwing a less-formal “party”, featuring face-painting and other activities Olympia could enjoy.

“Olympia doesn’t celebrate birthdays,” Williams said. “We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, so we don’t do that.”


Serena Williams’ faith was an integral part of ‘King Richard,’ the critically-acclaimed biopic about her father Richard Williams. According to the movie’s director Reinaldo Marcus Green, the Williams family regarded religion as a very important part of their lifestyle.

Green pointed out how Venus Williams and her sister had a habit of thanking the Jehovah God after a win, adding that it would have been an unfaithful representation to leave those parts of them out of the film.

“Well, we know that the family, Venus and Serena Williams and Oracene, they’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, and so we wanted to honor that. It’s who they are. Whenever they win a match they thank Jehovah God. So, why shy away from those things? it’s part of their faith,” Green said. “Now, Richard is not Jehovah but he respected the family’s decision to take them to Hall. Those are the things that we learned and we wanted to embrace in the film, for sure. It was important.”

Serena Willaims should eventually come back on the courtroom for the grass-swing, precisely for the distinctly predicted Wimbledon 2022. We don’t forget Serena is out of the courtroom considering that Wimbledon 2021 first spherical, whilst she were given an harm who forced her to withdraw from the London Slam.

From that moment she in no way got here returned on the court. She finished the Calendar Grand Slam, which consists of winning four consecutive Grand Slams not in the same calendar yr, two times. She has also won the WTA Finals 5 times and the gold medal gained on the London Olympics in 2012 via beating Maria Sharapova.

She won a total of 73 WTA singles titles, including 23 Slams, behind only Margaret Smith Court, ahead of her with 24 Slams. The American won 16 Grand Slam tournaments in doubles and mixed doubles: 14 won with her older sister Venus and two in mixed doubles, both obtained with Maks Mirny in 1998.

To these successes must be added another three gold medals at the Olympics, all won together with Venus, a Federation Cup and two Hopman Cups.

Serena Williams: the important event she never won
Southern California Open: in 2004 Serena participated for the only time in her career at the event that was held in San Diego.

After the victories over Jelena Jankovic and Elena Bovina, she surrenders in the quarter-finals with the Russian Vera Zvonareva. Kremlin Cup, in which Serena participated in the tournament of the Russian capital only on two occasions.

On the second attempt she reaches the final after beating the favorite to win, Svetlana Kuznetsova. In the last act, however, she surrenders to Elena Dementieva in three sets. The American has participated three times in the German Open, a tournament that today is played on the grass of Berlin.

In 1999 she lost in the quarter-finals to Arantxza Sanchez Vicario. She then she reaches the final in 2002 with Justine Henin and again the quarter final in 2008 with Dinara Safina. Since that year she has not participated in the event anymore.


Serena shows up at Wuhan Open 2014 with the underdogs and the number 1 seed. In the second round with Alize Cornet, however, she has to retire to her 65 in favor of her due to dizziness and aches. Serena did not play the tournament after that year.

Very curious to note how, in the seven defeats of the year, the Frenchwoman caused three. At the Zurich Open, Serena participates on two occasions and in 2007 she gets perhaps one of the worst defeats of her career. In the first round she faces house darling, Patty Schnyder, who doesn’t give her a single game before her retirement.