Tiger Woods Seems Unbothered as Michael Jordan Stares Holes Into Him in Resurfaced Video From 2006

The G.O.A.T. is looking at the G.O.A.T. This term has been going viral since a video of Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan resurfaced from 2006. Greatest of all time, golfer Woods has earned his name and fame with his hard work. And greatest of all time, basketball player Jordan lives in people’s hearts.

These great personalities from the sports industries were once very close friends, and Jordan helped his friend escape the dark phase of his life. The NBA superstar holds a special place in the heart of the pro golfer, and they have shared many beautiful moments together. One such moment was from the Ryder Cup of 2006, where something unexpected happened, and Woods was unbothered. Let’s find out what happened.

Tiger Woods delivered an excellent shot despite Jordan’s stare
In the 2006 Ryder Cup, the golf legend, Tiger Woods, took a shot in Ireland at the Palmer Course of the K Club in Straffan. Michael Jordan was looking at Woods continuously while he was taking the shot.

Yes, they were friends then, and yes, Jordan loved to play golf, especially with his friend. But people accounted for this incident as weird. The NBA star kept looking at Woods, taking a shot, and the camera caught it co-incidentally. But there is something that might surprise you. The former world no.1 was not bothered at all. He did not let his concentration distract him even for a second and played a great shot.

Maybe Jordan was admiring Woods’s technique and form, which is not a surprise. His consistency and devotion to the sport are visible even during his practice sessions. But it is commendable that the G.O.A.T. of golf was so focused on winning the Ryder Cup that he did not let his friend’s stare cost him a good shot.

Did Woods and Jordan ever play together?
Woods’ and Jordan’s friendship started when the golfer became a professional in 1996, grabbing the Nike endorsement opportunity. Nike had already endorsed Jordan, so it was easy for them to interact, and they eventually became friends since they both were athletes.

They were the most famous names in the sports industry during the late 90s. Woods was an emerging golfer, making many victories on his own. At the same time, Jordan was the best NBA player.

The Chicago Bulls’ Jordan played golf many times with Stanford University, but Woods never played basketball with him. The reason is funny. Because, according to Jordan, he was afraid to play basketball with Woods. He might have blown his brains off as he was in a contact sport.