“Tiger, you’re not even close to big JD here” – When John Daly said he wants to write Tiger Woods’ biography

US golfers Tiger Woods and John Daly are widely considered the best PGA Tour draws. While a young Woods burst out on the scene right after turning pro when he was just 20, Daly grabbed headlines after a surprise PGA Championship win in 1991.

Both of these stars share the commonality of the personal scandals they went through. Their infidelity towards their partners was exposed publicly and soon snowballed into fullblown controversies.

In an interview with Teddy Greenstein for Thuzio in April 2020, John Daly said that he would love to write for Tiger Woods. The conversation started when Greenstein mentioned a story he had heard in an unauthorized Woods biography.

He said that he was reading the “Tiger Woods’ book” that had come out at the time, and added that he read a story from 1989 when Woods was a teenager. When asked if the book was on Tiger Woods or someone else, he said that it was a book titled Tiger Woods and was an unauthorized book.

Daly continued to say that he would like to write Woods’ biography when the latter came out and spoke about all the women in his life. As the host said that it was a beautiful and noted that he would buy the book, Daly continued to talk about the idea and touched upon both his and Woods’ cheating histories.

The 56-year-old golfer continued to call the idea “awesome,” and said that he loved it. He also said:

“I still look at him and go Tiger, you’re not even close to big JD here.””I hope he wins and wins and beat (Jack) Nicklaus’ records,” – John Daly on Tiger Woods
After stating that he wished to write for Tiger Woods in an interview with Teddy Greenstein, John Daly added that he hoped Woods would someday beat Golden Bear Jack Niklaus’ records.

Jack Niklaus is unarguably one of the all-time greats in the history of golf. He is currently one Masters title ahead of Tiger Woods with six wins in total. Daly voiced what probably every golf fan wishes for.

John Daly said that he does love Woods and that he hopes he wins and beats Nicklaus’ record. He added that it would be great to see “two legends” like that. Daly also spoke about Woods’ comeback after his accident in 2021.

Teddy Greenstein asked John whether he was surprised when Tiger Woods’ infidelity scandal came out in 2009. Daly replied that he had been joking about not setting Woods up with many women. He continued to say that he, like everyone else, was surprised by the scandal. Daly said that he could only believe half of it because the number being stated (127) was quite high.

John Daly also added that he didn’t think Woods cheated on his wife with that many women and continued to joke about it before stating that he didn’t think there were so many women.

Well, it seems that even though the scandal was a huge blow to his reputation, Tiger Woods has tried to build it back brick by brick. After his 2021 car crash, every golf fan in the world is desperately waiting for a 2019 Masters kind of a comeback from him.