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Tiger Woods Hit a Hole-in-One at His First Pro Game. The Ball Could Fetch $50,000 at Auction.
Its from one of only three holes-in-one he’s made during his PGA career.

Tiger Woods announced his arrival to the PGA tour with a bang, sinking a hole-in-one at his very first pro event. Now, that ball he struck with the fateful 6-iron can be yours.

Heritage Auctions is currently offering the Titleist Woods aced back in 1996—with bidding open for the next two weeks—and the ball is expected to fetch more than $50,000, Golf reported. It’s a rare bit of memorabilia, because while Woods has won 82 PGA tournaments and 15 majors, he’s hit only two more holes-in-one at PGA events in the 26 years since.

“It’s difficult to equate the significance of this ball to something in another sport,” Chris Nerat, the sports consignment director at the auction house, said in a statement. “This is more than just someone hitting a home run or scoring a touchdown in his first game, because those things, while exceedingly difficult and impressive, happen far more frequently than a hole-in-one.”

The story behind the ball is pretty good, too. It has been owned for the past 26 years by Bob Gustin, who really lucked into becoming the recipient of one of history’s most important golf balls. He had attended Woods’s pro debut at the Greater Milwaukee Open with his brother-in-law, David Beck. The two were part of a crowd that persuaded Woods to throw them the ball after he’d aced the 14th hole.

Beck reached for the ball, deflected it and ended up in Gustin’s possession. Even better, the director of the tournament assisted in getting the ball signed by Woods, making it even more valuable.

While Gustin has loved being the proud owner of the Woods memorabilia, he’s ready to pass it on to someone else. But with the sale, he’s paying it back to the family member who helped him become the owner in the first place.

“Whatever it goes for, I’m splitting that with my brother-in-law, David,” he said in a statement. “He’s the one who it deflected off of before it came to me. We both had a part in me ending up with this ball, so we’ll both enjoy it after it goes to someone else.”

Tiger Woods is a golf legend. He played amazingly for years, and after several significant victories, he rightfully became the G.O.A.T. of golf. However, a new name is trending in the golf world. After the latest revelation, the golfer has become the talk of the town. Winning a championship is an outstanding achievement, but winning and becoming better than G.O.A.T. is huge. And this golfer has achieved an incredible milestone.

Who is the new name better than Tiger Woods?
After the official Instagram handle of the LPGA tour posted a picture a few hours ago, the golf world was shaken. Annika Sörenstam, a former Swedish professional golfer, is the new name of the golf world, giving competition to the legend of Tiger Woods. The pro golfer has created history by winning the same event for five years!

The LPGA tour pointed it out in their Instagram post. First time in the history of LPGA and the PGA tour, Annika has won the TOTO Japan Classic five times in a row. From 2001 to 2005, she registered the title under her name successfully. Now she is the only one to be the first to win consecutive years.

You might think that the G.O.A.T. has also won consecutive years then; why is she the first? Woods has won three straight, that too six times, but not at the same event. The legend has completed a three-peat on the same PGA tour six different times. But in the case of the female golfer, she won the same event five times in a row. Hence, she is the one with the record now.

Who is Annika Sörenstam?

The 52-years-old Annika Charlotta Sörenstam is known as one of the finest female golfers in the history of the LPGA. The former golfer stepped away from the professional world of golf in 2008.

However, before taking retirement, she achieved a lot in her career. The former golfer won 72 times on the LPGA Tour, and 10 were major championships. She is the only female with the most wins under her name, including 90 international victories.

It is common knowledge that athletes play an important role in many issues and that with their voice they can influence and change certain things. Yasser al-Khayat, a Saudi, is angry with Tiger Woods. The reason for this is the fact that Woods has never publicly raised his voice against the regime in Saudi Arabia.

Yasser al-Khayat’s brother was executed in March. “You said you oppose the tour out of loyalty to the PGA Tour and respect for golf’s history. I hope to persuade you to speak out against it as a matter of principle, by taking a stand against sportswashing.

My brother, Mustafa, was executed by the Saudi Arabian authorities for daring to ask for basic human rights that you enjoy in the USA. He was one of the 81 men killed in the largest mass execution in the country’s history earlier this year.

When Lewis Hamilton spoke up for the victims of Mohammed bin Salman’s repressive regime at this year’s Formula One race in Jeddah, he earned the enduring respect of every Saudi family that has been punished for wanting our people to live in a free country.

I ask you to raise your voice, in my brother’s name. Please do not let what happened to him be forgotten. ”- al-Khayat said, as quoted by mirror.co.uk

Jeed Basyouni
Jeed Basyouni, one of the fighters for human rights, emphasized why golfers do not want to talk about Saudi Arabia and the regime.

“When LIV golfers competed in Saudi Arabia recently, organisers made sure they didn’t have to answer any difficult questions.” – Basyouni said. “And when the winner gets $4 million and the last place finishers receive $120,000 just for turning up it’s easy to understand why nobody wants to rock the boat by mentioning human rights.”

He believes that the world must react urgently! “But the fact is, however hard they try to convince the world otherwise, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is still a place where children, non-violent drug offenders and people exercising their right to free speech are sentenced to death.

And each sporting event that projects the false image the Saudi authorities want the world to see, with no questions asked, makes the next mass execution more likely”.

“Tiger, you’re not even close to big JD here” – When John Daly said he wants to write Tiger Woods’ biography

US golfers Tiger Woods and John Daly are widely considered the best PGA Tour draws. While a young Woods burst out on the scene right after turning pro when he was just 20, Daly grabbed headlines after a surprise PGA Championship win in 1991.

Both of these stars share the commonality of the personal scandals they went through. Their infidelity towards their partners was exposed publicly and soon snowballed into fullblown controversies.

In an interview with Teddy Greenstein for Thuzio in April 2020, John Daly said that he would love to write for Tiger Woods. The conversation started when Greenstein mentioned a story he had heard in an unauthorized Woods biography.

He said that he was reading the “Tiger Woods’ book” that had come out at the time, and added that he read a story from 1989 when Woods was a teenager. When asked if the book was on Tiger Woods or someone else, he said that it was a book titled Tiger Woods and was an unauthorized book.

Daly continued to say that he would like to write Woods’ biography when the latter came out and spoke about all the women in his life. As the host said that it was a beautiful and noted that he would buy the book, Daly continued to talk about the idea and touched upon both his and Woods’ cheating histories.

The 56-year-old golfer continued to call the idea “awesome,” and said that he loved it. He also said:

“I still look at him and go Tiger, you’re not even close to big JD here.””I hope he wins and wins and beat (Jack) Nicklaus’ records,” – John Daly on Tiger Woods
After stating that he wished to write for Tiger Woods in an interview with Teddy Greenstein, John Daly added that he hoped Woods would someday beat Golden Bear Jack Niklaus’ records.

Jack Niklaus is unarguably one of the all-time greats in the history of golf. He is currently one Masters title ahead of Tiger Woods with six wins in total. Daly voiced what probably every golf fan wishes for.

John Daly said that he does love Woods and that he hopes he wins and beats Nicklaus’ record. He added that it would be great to see “two legends” like that. Daly also spoke about Woods’ comeback after his accident in 2021.

Teddy Greenstein asked John whether he was surprised when Tiger Woods’ infidelity scandal came out in 2009. Daly replied that he had been joking about not setting Woods up with many women. He continued to say that he, like everyone else, was surprised by the scandal. Daly said that he could only believe half of it because the number being stated (127) was quite high.

John Daly also added that he didn’t think Woods cheated on his wife with that many women and continued to joke about it before stating that he didn’t think there were so many women.

Well, it seems that even though the scandal was a huge blow to his reputation, Tiger Woods has tried to build it back brick by brick. After his 2021 car crash, every golf fan in the world is desperately waiting for a 2019 Masters kind of a comeback from him.

Stephen A. Smith ranks Serena over Tiger Woods
As per Smith, Serena Williams’ athletic contribution is more than American golf legend Tiger Woods. However, the reason he gave is very interesting. Here’s what he said.

“I’m going to say something that’s gonna be controversial, but it ain’t to me. I put her ahead of Tiger because Tiger didn’t embrace his blackness. She did, and that brought more adversity her way. He did not. So people were more receptive to him. That counts for Serena, in my opinion. And by the way, I don’t care what anybody says to refute that. I’m not listening.”

Serena definitely has faced various difficulties in life. However, the way she kept her head high and moved past all those hurdles is incredibly inspirational.

Serena Williams was once trolled for her muscular body

Even after achieving almost everything she could have in tennis, there still are certain negatives Serena would like to forget. A few trolls targeted the 23-time Grand Slam champion for her body. The former world number one has a muscular physique, and it works a great deal in her game as she flexes her muscles to generate power.

However, the trolls mocked Serena, saying she was born a guy. However, the legendary tennis player didn’t pay any heed to the negativity and instead came up with a statement that she is proud of her body.

After making such harsh statements about the golf star, Perez tried to explain what he actually meant. Perez said, “he can’t beat anyone is that he only shows up to tournaments when he thinks he can win,”. However, it was pretty clear from his early statements what he was trying to say about Woods.

He even said that no one wanted to see Woods compete in professional golf again. However, during his clarification, Perez said that his words might have sounded “harsh”. But all he meant was that Woods must be hurt since he was performing poorly in the past few tournaments. Woods and Perez have never gotten along ever since the golfer made these statements about the 15-major major champion.

There was a time when Perez took a shot at his old buddy Woods and said, “He knows he cannot beat anybody,”. According to the golfer, Woods was only playing pro golf to keep his name relevant for brand and sponsorship purposes. However, Woods soon won another major and shut the mouths of all his critics with his golf club.

Spiranac reacts to beating Woods
In response to Golf Magic’s tweet, Spiranac wrote: “This just in. Men like golf and boobs.”

The comment has gained more than 31,000 likes so far and almost 1000 retweets.

Spiranac has also expressed support for Woods in the past and believes he has been too harshly treated for his behaviour away from the golf course.

“Even when all this was happening, I think people were being too hard on him,” Spiranac said on her podcast ‘Playing a Round with Paige Renee’.

“You look at your own life and the things you’ve done, no one lives a perfect life, we all make mistakes.

She added: “Probably 99.9 per cent of people have done something bad in their life.”

Who is Paige Spiranac?
Spiranac was born in Colorado and played Division 1 college golf at both the University of Arizona and San Diego State University.

In 2015, she led the San Diego State Aztecs to their first Mountain West Conference Championship.

The following year, Spiranac competed in her first LPGA Qualifying Tournament but did not earn a card to play on the professional circuit.

Following this, the American turned her attention to becoming an influencer and began writing a monthly column in Golf Magazine in 2018.

After rising to fame, Spiranac received criticism for “sexualising women’s golf” but used her new exposure to promote her anti-bullying campaign and stress the need for women to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Her work has inspired plenty of other female social media personalities in the world of sport, including Rachel Stuhlmann, who now calls herself ‘tennis’ number one influencer.”

Paige Spiranac beats Tiger Woods to become Instagram’s most followed golfer

Tiger Woods is one of the world’s most renowned athletes, but he is not the most followed golfer on Instagram.

Golf Magic have put together a list of the top 10 most followed golf stars on the planet and the results are not what you might expect.

Indeed, the honour of top spot belongs to Paige Spiranac, a former professional golfer and now social media personality, who boasts more than 3.6 million followers on the platform.

Meanwhile, Woods is in second place but has some 600,000 fewer followers than his fellow American.

Overall, Spirananc is the only woman to feature in the top 10 list, which features five PGA Tour pros and four LIV Golf stars.

New world number one Rory McIlroy comes in at third, with 2.3 million followers, while Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth are fourth and fifth respectively.

None of these players come close to Spiranac, however, and the social media sensation offered a humorous explanation as to why she was so far out in front.

One of the most experienced golfers in the world is Phil Mickelson. The experience Mickelson has gained as a mentor has helped a number of young players. It is important to never give up on your dreams, as Phil showed. It was Tiger Woods, one of the legends of this sport, who also helped young golfers.

In an interview, Mickelson described Woods’ importance and how much he influenced the golf scene and other players. “He brought out the best in me because he forced me and everybody else to get better. That type of challenge, that type of drive, he instilled in a lot of us.

I really enjoyed the fact that I had a chance to play against him, and granted, I probably would have won some more tournaments. But, I wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard”. – he said, as quoted by esentiallysports.com

One of the most experienced golfers in the world is Phil Mickelson. The experience Mickelson has gained as a mentor has helped a number of young players. It is important to never give up on your dreams, as Phil showed. It was Tiger Woods, one of the legends of this sport, who also helped young golfers.

In an interview, Mickelson described Woods’ importance and how much he influenced the golf scene and other players. “He brought out the best in me because he forced me and everybody else to get better. That type of challenge, that type of drive, he instilled in a lot of us.

I really enjoyed the fact that I had a chance to play against him, and granted, I probably would have won some more tournaments. But, I wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard”. – he said, as quoted by esentiallysports.com

‘We All Came Up Together’: Tiger Woods Made a Heartening Confession About Derek Jeter and Their Extraordinary Careers in 2016

Tiger Woods began his professional career in 1996 and then embarked on the journey of one of the most successful golfers of all time. During the same period, another superstar was born in the Baseball world, when Derek Jeter made his debut for the New York Yankees in 1995. Today we take a look back at the time when Woods found familiarity in his career with the Yankees’ shortstop.

Over the years, many sports athletes have arrived and enjoyed success. However, to capitalize on success for long period isn’t for everybody, unless you are Woods or Jeter. Both men have enjoyed triumphs throughout their two-decades-long careers.

Both legends share a lot in common, which also includes the induction into Hall of Fame in their respective sports. Back in 2016, Tiger had a nostalgic chat in which he talked about Jeter and also two former Laker stars.

The reign of Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, and Shaq happened during the same period

Derek Jeter’s addition to the Yankees was quickly noticeable. A year later after making his Major league debut in 1995, Jeter helped the Yankees in winning their first World Series since 1978. Jeter then became part of the Dynasty, clinching three consecutive World Series from 1998-2000. Though the year 2000 marked the end of the Yankees’ domination, it also marked the beginning of the “Tiger Slam” in the world of golf.

Woods went on to win the Grand Slam, all four of golf’s professional majors at one time. Fans labeled it as the “Tiger Slam”. It started with a win at the 2000 U.S. Open and concluded in the 2001 Masters. Years later, Woods reminisced about the similarity of dominance in the sports between himself and Jeter by saying, “Even though he’s older and spent a couple of years in the minors, we both came up in ’96”.