Serena Williams is one of the quality tennis players of all time. The yankee has received 23 Majors and has been dominating the tennis global for over two a long time now. The forty years old met the love of her life, Alexis Ohanian, inside the year 2015 at a resort in Rome and shortly fell in love.

Subsequently, the power couple got married in 2017, after the birth of their daughter Olympia. Alexis is a businessperson and had no connection with tennis in any way. This surprises people as to how the two met and connected with each other. In a recent interview, Ohanian narrated a funny story of how the two bonded with each other.

How Did Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian Bond?
Alexis Ohanian appeared as a guest on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ where he narrated a funny story about himself and Serena. When they went out together exploring Paris. Alexis revealed an incident related to a dead bunny that happened in the zoo. Which made him realize that the two have some kind of connection with each other.

“There was this big cat like a leopard, a majestic creature. And then it was feeding time they threw out a bunny. It was a dead bunny. But it was a show and this leopard just went in and blood is going everywhere. And she’s very romantic, and she’s standing in front of me and I can tell she is really unsettled by it. I said it’s cool; we are going to keep going but in that moment I said there’s a connection and in that moment thanks to that poor rabbit; I found love.” He said.

Everyone present in the studio burst out in laughter after hearing the weird, yet funny, incident


The couple is married for almost four years now. And Alexis certainly has influenced Serena with his brilliant business mind. The 40 years old, has been very active on the business front lately with her firm Serena Ventures investing in a lot of young enterprises all over the world.

The former world number one has been away from tennis for quite some time now. She last played in the Wimbledon2021.
Though, the legend has been using the time away from the tennis pretty well. As she has invested in over 60 companies as an angel investor. Serena started the venture capital firm Serena Ventures eight years ago. Although the company is still in the initial growing phase, it has raised an initial fund of $111 million.